Questions for a champion: Samuel Etienne replaced for the 10,000th, Julien Lepers still bitter, gives his news

Famous candidates, a surprise guest, a replaced animator... The 10,000th of 'Questions for a champion' was full of twists and turns. And for the occasion, the former host Julien Lepers looks back on his career in the show in an interview with 'Le Parisien'.

  Questions for a champion: Samuel Etienne replaced for the 10,000th, Julien Lepers still bitter, gives his news

The cult show Questions for a champion aired its 10,000th episode this Saturday, October 29, 2022 on France 3. For the occasion, the television program has reserved surprises for both viewers and its presenter, Samuel Étienne. In addition, the former historic animator, Julien Lepers , spoke on the show in an interview. He still has trouble digesting his departure (and still claims millions of euros)...

A 10,000th edition of QPUC full of surprises: Samuel Etienne is replaced

To celebrate the 10,000th episode of Questions for a champion , the anonymous people have been replaced by figures from the small screen: on the one hand the animators of Telematin , Julia Vignali et Thomas Below and on the other, comedians Alex Vizorek and the former columnist of Daily , Vincent Dedienne . He won the 'Face to Face' event against Julia Vignali.

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In the second part of the show, to challenge the 'super champion', the production called on a surprise guest. The popular animator Cyril Féraud appeared on the set but to take the place of Samuel Étienne. He announces : ' What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna get your little plugs, your headset, and you're going to play against the winner tonight. And adds: So what we do, I'm going to let you two prepare and we meet right after the ad for the rest of the 10,000th of Questions for a champion with Samuel Étienne as a candidate '. The host wins the game against Vincent Dedienne hands down, 15 against 12.

Julien Lepers still bitter: ' Yet I animated 8800 of these 10,000 numbers '

The legendary presenter, Julien Lepers, returns for his part on his journey and his career with the program with our colleagues from Parisian this Saturday, October 29. He first announces his disappointment at not having been made aware of this 10,000th special: ' Yet I animated 8800 of these 10,000 numbers '. He still has not accepted his forced departure from the program which occurred in 2016: ' They kicked me out and it was a shock. I had given everything to this box, 30 years of my professional life. And you're dumped by someone who just arrived [he targets Delphine Ernotte, the boss of France Télévisions, editor's note] ' . But he still clarifies: We must turn the page and not live on annealed hatreds '. Despite this speech of appeasement, Julien Lepers is still claiming the tidy sum of 3.4 million euros and has therefore appealed following the decision of the industrial tribunal to grant him 800,000 euros in severance pay , in 2020.

Julien Lepers is not convinced by the reasons given by the company. For him, he was fired because of the president of France Télévisions, whom he says did not have ' never met ' and ' as Patrick Sebastien and William Leymergie 'he thinks he paid for his status' white man over 50 '. Moreover, he asserts: ' The audiences have not plummeted, there were still 2.2 million viewers at 6 p.m. It's a prime time score today '. According The Parisian , the show only attracted around 1.5 million people during the host's last three years.

The ever-popular entertainer wants to move on

The figure of the small screen consoles himself with his other projects, Julien Lepers (73 years old) declares: ' I moved on (...) I can't go five meters without getting arrested. People ask me what I've become and tell me they miss me (...) I do lots of things. I am not to complain ' . Julien Lepers wants to remain discreet about his projects, he adds: ' I communicated for thirty years about my life, I may well not do it today '.