Queen Rania of Jordan and Princess Iman show their resemblance more than ever

Same beauty look and royal elegance: Queen Rania of Jordan and her daughter, Princess Iman, prove to us that beauty is a family affair. Photo proof.

 Queen Rania of Jordan and Princess Iman show their resemblance more than ever

Among royalty's mother-daughter duos that look alike include Kate Middleton and Charlotte, Letizia of Spain and Leonor, now joined by Queen Rania and her daughter Iman. The Queen of Jordan and her eldest daughter made a remarkable appearance at a charity dinner.

A royal likeness

While the event took place on September 15, it was only a week after photos of the Kering Foundation's Caring for Women's first charity dinner were unveiled. During this evening organized in New York, many stars were present, such as Emma Watson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Karlie Kloss or even Anna Wintour, to which are added Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson and Gisele Bündchen who co-chaired the charity dinner. On the royal side, it was Queen Rania and her daughter Iman who attracted attention, in particular thanks to their obvious resemblance. Dressed in an orange dress, the Queen of Jordan was therefore accompanied by her eldest daughter Iman who had preferred to play sobriety in a split black dress.

Princess Iman and Queen Rania in New York on September 15, 2022

A legacy of beauty

Queen Rania and Princess Iman took their resemblance to the limit with their beauty look as they opted for a similar makeover. The wife of King Abdullah II and the princess who just got engaged had a flawless complexion, worked eyebrows, a nude mouth and brown eyelids. Same observation for their evening hairstyle : the mother of four children wore long hair enhanced by a beautiful blow-dry with wavy waves. A hair look copied by Iman who sported a slightly darker color. Thus, the 52-year-old Queen Rania and her 26-year-old daughter prove to us that they are alike as two drops of water.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr