Princess Latifa, 'tortured' with her friend? A 'fight for justice' begins

Princess Latifa, daughter of the Emir of Dubai, was held hostage after trying to flee the United Arab Emirates. If today she would be safe and sound, her friend is determined to file a complaint...

  Princess Latifa,"torturée" avec son amie ? Un "combat pour la justice" commence

[Updated Friday, November 4 at 1:25 p.m.] Tiina, a Finnish friend of Princess Latifa, helped her flee Dubai in 2018. They then jumped on a yacht to put as much distance as possible between them and the United Arab Emirates. But according to the friend of the Princess of Dubai, both had been intercepted by the Indian Navy. Tiina Jauhiainen would have been ' arbitrarily arrested and tortured by UAE security forces ', she said in a tweet on November 3. Now, the Finn is determined to file a complaint. ' I begin today my fight for justice, for what I endured trying to help my friend Latifa “, she assured on Twitter.

Princess Latifa, spotted in Paris

The latest news is that Princess Latifa is said to be safe and sound. In 2022, she was photographed in the streets of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, in the presence of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet. But the precise date of this meeting had not been revealed. ' Latifa let the High Commissioner know that she was fine and expressed the wish that her privacy be respected “, read the tweet from the High Commission. princess latifa , daughter of the Emir of Dubai, was held in a guarded villa by police since she attempted to escape the United Arab Emirates in 2018. In videos posted in 2021 on BBC and Sky News , we saw the young woman of 35 years old locked in a bathroom . She testified to her condition, visibly desperate.

Princess Latifa and her sister Shamsa: where are they?

' On n'a no idea of ​​his current condition , or even if she is still alive. The videos revealed in the documentary can potentially endanger even more “, added Rothna Begum, still in Paris Match .

She also draws a parallel with the case of the abduction of Princess Shamsa , sister of Princess Latifa, who was taken hostage in the middle of the street in 2000, in the United Kingdom. ' They have been kidnapped abroad , brought back to the Emirates and held like prisoners, except that the governments say nothing and consider it as family business . By doing so, they bury it all. This is not only sad and terrible but it gives a sense of impunity: these leaders can go abroad and kidnap their nationals, the governments of the countries in question will not say anything . It's terrifying “, she lamented.

And to add: The Emirati authorities hope that this will be quickly drowned in the news and people will forget. They will continue their activities, with communication operations, ensuring that they are doing good deeds in favor of womens rights and others, and that the world will forget. But what Latifa's footage confirms is that she has well and truly kidnapped '.

'This woman risked her life'

In addition, the expert on women's rights in the Middle East and North Africa calls on the International community , including the United Kingdom and the United States, to act: ' The British government, despite all this information, has still not did not ask for an investigation . He simply asked for proof of Latifa's life. No other government either. And that's incredibly worrying.'

Rothna Begum recalls: ' This woman risked her life, the international community must press for her release, that of these two women, so that they can leave their country and lead their lives.”

Princess Latifa: terrible videos

The 35 year old young woman had previously aroused curiosity when she attempted to escape from the United Arab Emirates in 2018. She had unfortunately been caught by the Indian Navy, who had fired in the Federal State of the Middle East. Since then, the public had never seen her again... which didn't bode well.

The suspicions of the most pessimistic have been confirmed: Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is still held hostage and regularly tortured .

In videos she recorded in a bathroom and posted on BBC and Sky News , Princess Latifa explained that she was captive . Presumably, his father monarch would be at the origin of this imprisonment.

Princess Latifa, taken hostage

'I am in a villa. I am held ostage and this villa has been transformed into a prison. It's the only room with a door I can lock ', she blurted out in the video, panicking. ' All windows boarded up (...) There are five policemen outside and two female police officers on the inside “, she explained.

In 2018, when Latifa al-Maktoum was arrested, she was drugged and woke up where she is now being held, according to her testimony.

'L the police told me i'll be in jail all my life '

' I worry every day for my safety and for my life (…) the police told me that I will be in prison all my life and that I will never see the sun again. The situation is getting more desperate every day ', she added in the video.

An eerie silence

According to BBC , Latifa al-Maktoum managed to record these videos thanks to relatives who managed to slip him a cell phone. However, friends of the daughter of the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, lost touch with her and have therefore decided to post these videos so that the international community is indignant and that means are put in place to free the princess.

Shortly after her failed escape, Princess Latifa had already testified in a video posted on YouTube in 2018. She had explained climb from 'tortures ' daily.

This is far from the first time that the Emir of Dubai has been at the heart of this type of scandal. In 2019, his wife, the princess beech , had managed to leave the United Arab Emirates and has since refugee in London with her two children, of whom she obtained custody during a turbulent divorce procedure.