Princess Charlotte: Several elements of her outfit at the funeral of Elizabeth II deciphered, a jewel catches the eye...

This Monday, September 19, 2022, the eyes of the whole world are on London for the funeral of the century: that of the late Queen Elizabeth II. For the occasion, Princess Charlotte was present. And her outfit has been meticulously studied. The daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton wore a symbolic jewel.

Billions of viewers across the planet and thousands in the streets of London, near Westminster Abbey, for the funeral of the British monarch, Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96. This is the magnitude of the event that the whole world is following with attention and emotion on September 19. The royal family arrived in dignity, led by the new roi Charles III and his son, Crown Prince William of Wales. We also got to see the royal children, George and Charlotte, the queen's great-grandchildren.

Princess Charlotte, a remarkable first

The young lady, now aged 7, arrived at the funeral of Elizabeth II in a car in which her mother was also, Kate Middleton , as well as the new queen consort, Camilla. The girl, who is changed from Princess Charlotte of Cambridge to Princess Charlotte of Wales since his father inherited this new title after Charles's accession to the throne, posted an unexpected fashion detail: a round black hat with a node . According to the journalist specializing in crowned heads, and exceptional columnist for BFMTV for this day, Thomas Pernette (from Point of view ), it would be the first time that the princess has worn a hat during an official event with the royal family.

Charlotte, who was dressed all in black, gave a thin smile to the crowd before returning to a closed mine to attend the ceremony expected by just over 2,000 guests. Subsequently, the outfit of the young girl was studied with attention and the British press reports that she wore a horseshoe-shaped diamond brooch. A jewel offered to Charlotte by Queen Elizabeth, a horse lover.

Charlotte accompanied by George, their brother Louis voluntarily excluded

The Princess was accompanied by her brother, 9-year-old Prince George of Wales. This last one is now second in line to the British throne . He too dressed all in black, he was wise and attentive. Once installed in the first row of Westminster Abbey, we could see him sing the various religious songs in homage to the deceased Queen Elizabeth II , in chorus with his father William. At the exit, while the coffin of the queen began a new and last procession in the direction of Windsor, we could see George being briefed by his sister! ' You have to bow “, she told him on images captured on video. And, a few minutes later, it was a tearful Charlotte who saw the queen’s coffin pass…

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On the other hand, there was an absentee: Prince Louis of Wales, only 4 years old. His parents made the choice not to take him with them. As Hello points out, it was deemed too small to withstand such a day. And his grimaces noticed at the Platinum Jubilee of the sovereign marked the spirits and it was out of the question to take the risk that he would start again...