Prince William Turns 40: 4th Child, Baldness, Depression, 'Most Awkward Moment', Dream Job

Prince William turns 40 on June 21. His childhood injury, the 'shock' of Lady Di's death, his 'most embarrassing moment', his depression after an accident, why he is (rarely) affectionate with Kate Middleton, baldness, a fourth child.. . and other secrets of the Duke of Cambridge and future King of England!

  Prince William turns 40: 4th child, Baldness, Depression,"Moment le plus gênant", Job de ses rêves

Prince William turns 40 June 21st. ' More comfortable in his own skin than ever “, according to the confidences of a relative to the Telegraph , the Duke of Cambridge has gained confidence over the years and has transformed into a prince capable of charming crowds while carrying out his official responsibilities. ' I consider myself extremely lucky to have a role that allows me to meet people from all walks of life and understand their stories. It's a privilege that many of us can't always afford “, he recently entrusted to The Big Issue,  on the occasion of its passage into the fourth decade. His childhood injury, the ' shock 'of the death of Lady Di , the underside of his relationship with Kate Middleton, baldness, a fourth child, depression ... and other secrets of the son of the prince Charles .

The latest news on Prince William of Wales

Prince William: the job of his dreams

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 at St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington in London. If he is prepared to be the future king from a very young age, the son of Prince Charles and Lady Di expresses in his childhood the desire to become one day... police officer ! According People , it was his little brother Harry who then calmed his ardor by pointing out to him that he was already destined to be king .

Prince William: to scar

In 1991, when he was 9 years old, Prince William suffered a skull fracture after a classmate hit him in the forehead with a golf club. Of this wound, he keeps today only one discreet scar on the forehead .

Prince William: how he learned of the death of his mother Lady Di

Unfortunately, the teenager and his brother suffered an infamous tragedy very early on: the death of their mother Lady Di , victim of a car accident on the Alma bridge, in Paris, on August 31, 1997. Two hours after arriving at the hospital, William and Harry's mother succumbed to her injuries at 4:25 am.

How to announce the terrible news to the two sons of Lady Di, then aged 15 and 12? It is their father, Charles, who must assume the dramatic task. He first wakes Prince William at 7:15 a.m., who is then at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. After crying in his father's arms, the eldest son of the Princess of Hearts accompanies him to help him announce the tragedy to Harry. ' William always very protective , insisted on being there for breaking the news to his little brother ', we read in The Parisian .

Prince William: the 'shock' of mourning

The years pass but time hardly erases the pain. ' The trauma of that day has been with me for twenty years, like a weight. Contrary to what people think, the shock can last a very long time “, said the Duke of Cambridge before the wedding of his brother, Harry, in 2018.

Prince William: his sabbatical year

After school, Prince William took a gap year during which he trained in Belize with the British Army, then traveled to Chile to teaches students and does volunteer work . He also took advantage of this period of relative calm to work on his father's organic farm in Great Britain.

Prince William: his period in the army

After studying at the university of st andrews in Scotland, where he studied under the name of ' William Wales 'to be more discreet, the brother of the prince Harry embarks on a course in the army and obtains a diploma military officer . Then, he obtained his pilot's license and was transferred to the Royal Air Force in 2009. Despite his passion for this field, William had to leave the army in 2013 to devote himself more to his princely responsibilities.

Prince William: his crush on Kate Middleton

In terms of sentimental life, Prince William met Catherine Middleton at a very young age. At his 20th birthday, while studying, Lady Di's son attends a parade organized by the university. Kate Middleton is one of the models parading. According to legend, it was at this precise moment that Prince William had the love at first sight for the young woman . After spending some time as roommates in college, they formalize their relationship in 2003 .

After several breakups, the lovebirds married in April 2011 , to the delight of the royal family and their subjects, who already see in Kate Middleton the qualities of a future queen (consort)!

William and Kate: why they are rarely affectionate in public

While Kate and William seem to have a solid marriage, they rarely show affection in public. The reason? ' When on the move, wherever they attend an event, they are sitting representatives of the British Crown. They must therefore remain very professional throughout their public appearances “, explained Myka Meier, royal expert, to the magazine People . Modesty above all, therefore!

When Prince William jokes about his baldness

It's no secret that Prince William has started losing hair early . In 2018, while the Duke of Cambridge visits a London café where volunteers help homeless people reintegrate into society, he ends up chatting with a hairdresser... and puts on to baldness on the carpet with humor! ' I don't have much hair, can't give you much to work with “, he dropped, not without self-mockery.

Prince William: his 'most embarrassing' moment

Prince William lived the ' most embarrassing moment ' of its existence, at a charity gala in 2013. While Bon Jovi was singing on stage, the Duke of Cambridge was seated next to the singer Taylor Swift . ' After Jon's first song (Bon Jovi, editor's note), he paused and she turned to me. She put her hand on my arm and said, 'Come on, William. Let's sing'. (...) I followed her like a puppy “, he told the microphone of the podcast Time To Talk.

Without really understanding how, the Duke of Cambridge landed on stage with the two singers and found himself singing the hit Livin' On a Prayer . ' I desperately tried to remember some lyrics and sang as loud as I could. Since that day, I still don't know what happened to me. Honestly, even now I'm embarrassed by what happened next, and I don't understand why I went there '.

Prince William: his depression after an accident

During his experience as pilot for the air ambulance service , in 2017, Prince William witnesses a terrible car accident which damages the brain of a 5 year old boy , named Bobby Hughes. ' The parents were hysterical. They were screaming, they were crying, they didn't know what to do, and they were suffering too. These images have not left me “, he recalled to the podcast Time To Talk . 'Since then, ' something has changed in him '.' You just feel everybody's pain , everyone suffers. And it's not me. I never felt this before “, he detailed.

Prince William: soon a 4th child?

Should we expect the birth of a new royal baby for William and Kate ? Nay, according to several royal experts! ' I don't think William wants more ', would have declared the Duchess of Cambridge according to Hello Magazine . The spouses certainly already have a lot to do with their royal commitments and their three children.

Prince William: his (deteriorated) relationship with Harry

In recent years, relations seem to have cooled between William et Harry , especially since the departure of the husband from Meghan Markle in Los Angeles. According to Daily Mirror , the eldest of the siblings has the feeling that his little one has been ' sucked into an alien world 'and that he' crossed a line ' by giving the interview to Oprah Winfrey , in which he and his wife denounced the behavior of the royal family. If the two brothers met at the beginning of June on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II , they didn't seem very close...