Prince William rude to Kate Middleton? His attitude shocks - VIDEO

Does Prince William lack manners? His attitude with his wife, Kate Middleton, shocked the Web on September 10. A video has gone viral on social media...

The whole world was surprised when Kate Middleton , Prince William, Harry and Meghan Markle all four appeared outside Windsor Castle to honor Elizabeth II , September 10. It had been a long time since the Fab Four had been reunited. Since the Sussex spouses distanced themselves from the royal family and settled in California, rumors of tension between the two couples have continued to swirl. For this period of mourning, the two brothers have (supposedly) put their resentments aside. However, it was not this unexpected meeting that made a myriad of viewers spit out the tea … Another sequence made people talk.

Prince William, cad with Kate? His decried attitude

When the two couples finished their walk along the Long Walk, the path that leads to Windsor Castle, they had to return to their car. But if the prince Harry a first insisted on opening the door for his wife, Meghan Markle , and wait for her to get into the vehicle before climbing in, the attitude of prince William was quite different.

Unlike his otherwise more gentleman brother, the new Prince of Wales quickly returned to the car without deigning to hold the door for his wife . And Internet users were disillusioned. ' William can't even open the door for this woman? My God ', one of the comments on Twitter reads. ' Kate and William are separated, period . He will start fleeing to prepare for a public separation. It's gonna be Game of Thrones “, extrapolated a user.

Kate and William, distant: the Web makes fun

Fans of crowned heads also noticed that throughout the walk of the two couples, Kate Middleton and Prince William were particularly distant , while the Sussex spouses held hands . Some creative internet users have also quickly published humorous montages which show how distant the Prince and Princess of Wales were from each other. What revive rumors of divorce?

Let us recall that, a few years earlier, the tabloids had circulated rumors in the hallway... according to which William would have cheated on his wife with a certain Rose Hansbury ! If the lawyers for the husband of Kate Middleton - and father of her children George, Charlotte and Louis - had quickly denial these rumours, they had seriously tarnished the couple's image...