Prince William, billionaire? Salary, shares, rent... details on the fortune of the future king

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William became first in line to the throne. He thus inherited the title of Prince of Wales carried by his father Charles for nearly 65 years, but also a nice heritage. Salary, rent actions... We tell you everything!

  Prince William, billionaire? Salary, shares, rent... details on the fortune of the future king

The death of Elizabeth II has resulted a reorganization of the Crown. While Charles III, 73, became monarch, his son William, 40, became the first heir to the throne of England . A new status that hoisted him as ' ' inherit the richest of European monarchies ' reports Point in his article of October 8, 2022. And for good reason! His fortune is valued at over £1 billion. A staggering amount that results income brought in by the Duchy of Cornwall which it has enjoyed since the death of Elizabeth II . According to our colleagues from  Mirror , this area represents more than 22 million pounds each year.

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The Duchy of Cornwall as a legacy

Founded at 14 and century by Edward III, the Duchy of Cornwall is a private estate spanning 23 counties across England and Wales. An immense heritage which has continued to develop from generation to generation, in particular under the direction of Prince Charles. ' As heir, William now assumes the Scottish titles that meant so much to me. He succeeds me as Duke of Cornwall and assumes the responsibilities of the Duchy of Cornwall which I have held for over five decades. s' , detailed the roi Charles III in his first televised address the day after the Queen's death.

Land, Forest and Even a City: Prince William's Incredible Legacy

Today, this exceptional heritage consists of 52,700 hectares of land, 2,360 hectares of forest, property and properties located in central London, Manchester or Bristol, cottages to let, the Oval cricket ground and 67,000 acres of Dartmoor, plus the town of Poundbury built to plan by Prince Charles, which houses 4,000 inhabitants or houses in the non-transferable Isles of Scilly, according to old feudal law.

A successful stock portfolio

In addition to his rental income, the husband of Kate Middelton can also count on a sizeable equity portfolio. Assets managed by a host of City councilors responsible for making them grow. According Point , this portfolio yields more than 20 million euros in profits each year, more precisely 26 million for the last year. While the Duchy of Cornwall is tax-free, Prince Charles voluntarily paid around £5 million each year. A tax habit that the prince William should in turn perpetuate.

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A colossal fortune: what for?

The colossal fortune of Prince William will allow him to ensure the maintenance of his duchy but also to pay the 130 employees who work for the estate or to finance his lifestyle and that of his wife and children. Including the tuition fees of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, which amount to approximately 70,000 euros per year. Royal attributes that already give the future king a taste of life as a monarch.