Prince Harry: an ex-stripper recounts their crazy night

With his life as a tidy family man, we would have almost forgotten Prince Harry's sulphurous past. It was without counting on the embarrassing revelations of a former stripper …

  Prince Harry: an ex-stripper recounts their crazy night

Yes the prince Harry today leads a (relatively) classic daily life as a father in the United States with his wife Meghan Markle, and their two children, her life hasn't always been so tidy . The British remember its most chaotic past. The prince, now 37, has not always been able to lead by example. And that is to say the least! Parties galore, life of debauchery and scandals: ten years ago the Duke of Sussex was on all the front pages of tabloids . A photo of him completely naked had even been taken up in the newspapers of the time. and, even if the prince would have preferred that this evening end in oblivion, it is once again making people talk about it.

A former stripper recounts her crazy night with Prince Harry

In the July 23 edition of the English tabloid The Mirror , a former stripper, Carrie Reichert, decided to tell her version of this drunken evening which took place in August 2012 at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. The now 43-year-old American he reportedly spent a night with tells in the columns of the newspaper that when she joined the party, she “saw the Duke of Sussex naked, playing the guitar to the sound of Beat It by Michael Jackson, with a pool cue” .

She also says that Harry would have 'amused to hide his private parts with a glove' . It was then that he would have handed her his black pants, which she would have kept… A garment that she decided to put up for sale, ten years later ! 'Harry has become so boring, it's such a shame. When he was partying in Vegas, everyone loved him and his party spirit. At least those pants are a vestige of his old personality… When Harry was the fun prince ' , she reports in The Mirror .

She even adds 'It's such a shame that he's so pinched and serious these days. Even as a husband and father of two , he should let go once in a while and stop tearing his hair out – or at least what's left of it' . Not sure that Meghan Markle be of the same opinion.

Prince Harry: his pants put up for auction

Anyway, the one that everyone already nicknames 'Carrie Royale' is indeed determined to use the alleged pants of the father of Archie and Lilibet. She wants to put it up for sale, along with the dress and the bikini she wore that night. This is likely to once again sow discord within the royal family and further tarnish Prince Harry's already bad reputation in the UK . Indeed, according to a new survey conducted by The Express , 98% of participants think Meghan and Harry should not return as part-time royals.