Prince George's ultimate threat to his school friends

At just 9 years old, Prince George, eldest son of William and Kate Middleton, has found the perfect line to avoid being bullied at school. But does the threat also work with his teachers?

 Prince George's Ultimate Threat to His Dating Buddies'école

From the height of his young age, Prince George is already imposing at school. The eldest son of prince William and 9-year-old Kate Middleton knows how to be respected by his classmates, or at least he found the shocking phrase to say to avoid being bullied at school. Because we know, at this age, bickering and teasing are commonplace. But the young prince, he decided not to let it go and for that he has already come out with a major argument, which automatically silenced his school friends. Journalist Katie Nicholl, specialist in the British royal family, made reference to it in her new book The New Royals : Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown , released September 20, 2022.

The funny story of Prince George at school

The story between comrades would have taken place when Prince George was very young, in kindergarten class. 'George understands that one day he will be king and when he was little, during an argument with school friends, he already closed the door of some with the replica : 'My father will be king one day, so you better watch out!'' , reports the journalist. A replica that would have had its effect, and which can also recall the character of his late great-grandmother, Elizabeth II . At that time, at the material time, the young prince was educated at Thomas' Battersea private school in south London. A very famous establishment which also welcomed Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Prince George's little sister and brother. Did Prince George's parents hear about this story? What was their reaction? We don't know, we can only imagine! Either way, in private, Kate and William seem to have agreed on one thing: they want to keep their son carefree until the end. ' Kate Middleton and Prince William are raising their children, especially Prince George, aware of who he is and the role he will inherit. But they don't want to overwhelm them with a sense of duty.' , described the specialized journalist, Katie Nicholl, in her book.