PrimaPrix: the new discount store where you can shop cheap

The Spanish brand PrimaPrix has just set up in Ile-de-France. But what is this new store, where can it be found, what are the reviews? Here are all the details.

 PrimaPrix: the new discount store where you can shop cheap

Aldi, Lidl... The family of discount brands is growing. The latest? PrimaPrice. Come straight from Spain , the discounter has already installed two of its stores in mainland France . One in Pontault-Combault, in Seine-et-Marne, the other in Montreuil, in Seine-Saint-Denis, on November 9 and then November 10, 2022. In Spain, there are already more than 150 sales points who are rooted in the country.

What is this sign?

The concept is well known: to offer everyday essentials from top brands at knockdown prices. At what point ? Sometimes up to 50% cheaper than the average market price. To offer prices so tempting , the brand sources from large brands by reselling their unsold products at lower amounts. On the shelves, there is also no work to highlight the products, merchandising pass nor decorations to speak of. PrimaPrix offers everything: charcuterie, vegetables, pasta , there is something for everyone with even products for the home and for well-being. For example, you can find Danette brand dessert creams at 1.50 euro or pâté at 1.95 euros .

What are the reviews?

In France, opinions on this brand are mixed. If some rejoice in a new low price store , others point to the products exported from abroad and in particular from Spain. Indeed, the items on sale come from all over Europe. There are few French items, starting with the primeur section and its Spanish fruits and vegetables .

On his site, the specialist in the distribution sector, Olivier Dauvers, explains, with supporting photos, that the products are certainly less expensive with an average discount of ''about 5%' compared to traditional supermarkets, but there is for example almost no indication of the price per kilo . In addition, the store is laid out according to a circularized and imposed course (we may not like this arrangement). Be that as it may, the sign that offers no less than 2,500 references wishes to set up in France. Next step in its installation in France: the opening of stores in Meaux and Asnières-sur-Seine .