Pregnant Christmas meal: how to enjoy it without risk?

Smoked salmon, foie gras, oysters or frozen log... Christmas dinner is full of pitfalls for pregnant women! Among all the traditions, here are the dishes you are allowed to eat while pregnant.

  Pregnant Christmas meal: how to enjoy it without risk?

Between glasses of champagne, foie gras toast and smoked salmon miniatures, Christmas , the temptation is great! Mouthwatering dishes unfortunately not recommended for pregnant women. .. However, it is possible to combine pregnancy and pleasure. How ? By diverting traditional dishes or creating original recipes that will also appeal to other guests. You are pregnant ? Pick from our ideas for less about Noël and enjoy without feeling frustrated!

Original Christmas drinks for pregnant women

A future mother's Eve does not necessarily rhyme with a plan-plan menu! Of course, you will have to skip glasses of champagne and alcohol-based cocktails, but there are delicious and festive alternatives that will allow you to toast in complete serenity! Set your sights on the following drinks:

  • a Non-alcoholic spritz made with special sparkling wine (without a gram of alcohol!), bitters and citrus slices,
  • a Sparkling fruity (grenadine, strawberry juice, lemon juice, sparkling water and mint),
  • a sangria de noël with spices in which orange juice replaces red wine.

What starters to eat at Christmas when you're pregnant?

Regarding the entries, it is recommended to pregnant women to eat well-cooked meat. Raw foie gras should therefore be avoided. On the other hand, if it is cooked, you can eat it, provided you do not abuse it. Prefer foie gras from supermarkets rather than home-made or artisanal where traceability is less reliable.

Your body being more fragile, you will have to do the dead end seafood , unless you eat them cooked or au gratin. Of course, you will still have paid attention beforehand to respecting the cold chain.

Also, all forms of raw fish are to be banned , such as tarama, sushi, or even smoked salmon. Better to avoid it because it too can be contaminated by the listeriosis , as well as fish or meat in carpaccio format. So bet on cooked fish such as sea bass, pollock, sea bream, turbot or sole which provide essential fatty acids essential for the proper neuronal development of the fetus.

Pregnant, do you have to choose between cheeses and Christmas desserts?

You can enjoy both, as long as you are sure that the products offered to you are compatible with pregnancy. Also because of the risk of listeriosis, it is better to eat cheeses made from pasteurized milk, pressed or cooked such as Emmental, Gouda, Gruyère or Cheddar, or fresh cheeses, and be sure to remove the crusts . Camembert, Roquefort or other blue-veined cheeses should be avoided.

Good news ! You can eat a piece of log without problem. Pastry, fruit, chocolate, chestnut's allowed as long as it doesn't contain raw eggs! If it is frozen, it will be necessary to ensure that the cold chain is well respected. Finally, since you are more prone to weight gain: no abuse either!