Pregnancy after caesarean section: delays, risks?

You gave birth by caesarean section and you are thinking about the second child. But, you are invaded by a multitude of questions: how long to wait, what are the risks, how many caesareans can one undergo? Answers and advice from Dr Caroline Verhaeghe, obstetrician-gynecologist.

  Pregnancy after caesarean section: delays, risks?

Caesarean section involves incising the abdomen and uterus to allow delivery. In France, one in five women gives birth to her child in this way. As common as it is, this surgery is not trivial and the body needs time to recover.

Why wait a year after a caesarean section?

In practice, it is recommended to wait a minimum period of 12 months before becoming pregnant again in order to ensure that the uterus has healed properly and thus limit the risk of complications, whether during pregnancy or during the next delivery.

Is it dangerous to get pregnant after a caesarean section?

There are two main risks associated with vaginal delivery after a caesarean : uterine rupture (tearing of the scar on the uterus due to pushing) and a anomaly of the placenta insertion which would hinder the proper development of the foetus. It is therefore not for nothing that it is recommended to wait 12 months before becoming pregnant again. ' However, if a pregnancy occurs before this time, do not panic! The key is to inform patients who have several scars on the uterus by explaining to them the risks they are taking in order to support them as best as possible. You must know that, the more there were caesareans , the more the tissues are modified, the greater the risk of adhesions (tissues stuck together)' , explains Dr. Caroline Verhaeghe.

How is the uterus after a caesarean section?

After a caesarean section, the uterus is in the same condition as that of a woman with gave birth low way . It is the same size, has the same color and the same operation. It will gradually regain its initial volume through contractions, this is called uterine involution. This phenomenon can last up to 6 weeks after giving birth, according to women. ' The only difference is that he has a scar on his front wall. In addition, adhesions may form and other complications may occur. For example, there may be a more or less deep hernia on the scar which may be the cause of chronic pelvic pain or metrorrhagia between periods. Same size same color as another uterus same function' , specifies the obstetrician-gynecologist.

How many caesareans can you have?

In the recommendations, there is no real limit on the number of caesarean sections. A woman can have as many caesareans as she wants to have children. After a first caesarean section, it is possible to undertake a vaginal delivery. ' However, beyond two caesareans, it is not possible to give birth vaginally. A new caesarean section will be systematically performed because the risk of uterine rupture is too great. , inform the specialist.

Thanks to Caroline Verhaeghe, obstetrician gynecologist Sources: High Authority of Health, caesarean brochureSource