Power outage: how will it affect the house this winter?

As the cold sets in and the power grid becomes increasingly strained, the possibility of occasional power cuts seems to become more and more likely. How will these occasional power outages impact our daily lives and how can we act to avoid a total blackout?

  Power outage: how will it affect the house this winter?

While France is going through an unprecedented energy crisis, the winter could be marked by power cuts. power outages and load shedding . As the cold sets in, the electrical network, increasingly in demand, risks the blackout total , i.e. the total loss of control of the electrical system. To avoid such a catastrophic scenario, occasional power cuts will be scheduled so as not to overload the electricity network. How will these outages affect our daily lives? And what actions can we take now on our scale to avoid the power outage?

What are the consequences for lighting?

First consequence of the power outage: more light in our homes, but also in public spaces! Without electricity, the house can light up by candle, candlelight or flashlight . In the event of a power outage, public lighting will also be turned off except in areas where it will be considered a priority, said the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Power outages and household appliances: what impact?

In the event of a power cut, there is no possible alternative for the refrigerator, which must be plugged in without interruption in order to produce cold and preserve food. The longer the cut, the greater the risk of spoiling the food, especially fresh and raw products. The freezer also needs constant power. A power outage will cause the freezer to shut down. The appliance will therefore no longer be able to maintain the cold chain of the food it contains and the latter will therefore no longer be consumable. The good news is that it is considered that a well-stocked freezer can keep it cold for 48 hours since frozen foods continue to keep it cold, provided that the temperature is well maintained. gate closed . A half-full freezer won't keep food for more than 24 hours.

How does it affect heating?

If homes equipped with gas heating natural, fireplaces or wood-burning stoves do not have much to fear from power cuts, this is unfortunately not the case for homes heated with electric radiators. In the event of a blackout, interior temperatures will drop quite quickly and you may shiver until the electricity is restored. . To maintain the temperature of your interior even without electricity, it is better to have on hand a portable auxiliary device such as an oil stove or a bath heater.

What impact on the hot water tank?

In the event of an electrical failure, the resistance of the water heater does not engage, so it is impossible to heat the water present in the tank. To avoid the douche cold, there are solutions to have hot water even without electricity , with for example a thermodynamic water heater or a hot water tank connected to a heat pump which captures its calories in the ambient air.

House alarm and power outage: what consequences?

If the alarm systems run on electricity and are connected to the internet, they have been designed to continue to operate even without electricity. Whether it's a power outage or a burglar who has disabled the power grid, the alarm is equipped with a backup battery allowing it to continue monitoring your home for up to 5 days.

What about the TV/Internet box/telephone trio?

In the event of load shedding, that is to say a targeted power outage, mobile network outages will also be expected. It is therefore impossible to use his mobile phone or connect to the Internet. However, if it is impossible to make phone calls, it will also be impossible to contact the emergency numbers. In order to avoid this worst-case scenario, operators should maintain minimal phone coverage. The Internet box, on the other hand, will not benefit from any minimum service, without electricity, households will be deprived of Internet and television.

How to avoid power outages?

To avoid the blackout, this winter we are changing our habits and we adopt less energy-intensive actions so as not to overload the electrical network. We start by favoring off-peak hours for the use of our electrical appliances. If you heat with electricity, setting the thermostat to 19 degrees is ideal, the more cautious can wrap themselves in a good sweater. At a time when all of France is going into the kitchen, we avoid long cooking in the oven or the use of several fires on an electric hob. Finally, in general, diversifying the electricity consumption of your home remains one of the best long-term solutions with the installation of a wood or pellet stove, an air-water heat pump or solar panels. photovoltaics that use less or even zero electricity!

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