Potato shortage: what to expect?

The consequences of drought are many and among the victims are potatoes. Should we expect a shortage? The producers are in any case worried.

 Potato Shortage: What Does It Take?'attendre ?

The potatoes don't really have 'the potato'. Like oil, mustard or even wheat, favorite vegetable of the French will surely experience a shortage . Worried about the 2022 harvests, the National Union of Potato Producers (UNPT) was welcomed on September 2 by the Ministry of Agriculture to ask for help from the public authorities. Because according to them, the yield of 2022 will be 'at least -20% compared to the average of the last twenty years' , that is ' 1.5 million tonnes less ' .

Consequence of the weather

Some even possibly speak of the ' worst harvest of potatoes registered since 2000' . It must be said that harvests normally reach the figure of ' 8 million tons per year'. But this year, in the land dried by the heat waves repeatedly and for lack of water, the potatoes could not develop in a normal way. Too high temperatures blocked the development of the tubers. Some producers are also alarmed about the quality of their harvest. This may not correspond to the specifications of some industrial . As a result of this weather, the UNPT foresees possible price increases potatoes.

A significant demand

Because the problem is there. Individuals are not the only ones buying this winter flagship . If with raclettes and tartiflettes the demand will increase in supermarkets, there is also a demand from professionals as well as from manufacturers who supply this product to transform it into crisps or fries for example. Thus, some producers fear not being able to deliver the quantities requested by certain manufacturers. Note that France is the 3rd European producer potato with 16,000 producers present in the territory and 150,000 hectares cultivated .

Source journaldesfemmes.fr