Postnatal yoga: when to practice it, with baby, benefits?

What is a postnatal yoga session like? With or without baby? When can we get started? Update on the practice of postnatal yoga and its many benefits.

  Postnatal yoga: when to practice it, with baby, benefits?

Postnatal yoga: when to start?

Contrary to the practice of yoga classic which requires to first finish its rehabilitation of the perineum and the abdominals, post-natal yoga can be practiced as soon as you return from maternity . Indeed, even if it is inspired by classic yoga postures, postnatal yoga is specifically designed for the postpartum period (hence its name). Essential work to help the body recover after childbirth .

Postnatal yoga before perineal rehabilitation

The post-natal yoga courses constitute a good introduction to perineal rehabilitation which generally begins 6 to 8 weeks after delivery. Indeed, we wait until the woman has recovered a little and in particular until she is no longer in diaper suites , before starting the so-called 'invasive' rehabilitation sessions in order to avoid any risk of infection. Once the rehabilitation sessions have started , postnatal yoga can continue to be practiced in parallel, as a complement. It will then boost even more the strengthening of perineum and deep abs of the young mother.

Postnatal yoga: what are the opinions?

  • 'When my youngest was born, I practiced a few postnatal yoga sessions and I only get positive things out of it. It helped my body to recover better and this little appointment allowed me to recharge my batteries, to have a little time just for me', explains Delphine, 38.
  • 'I loved the mom and baby yoga class which allowed me to get back in shape after giving birth' , testifies Jeanne, 29 years old.
  • As for Hélène, 33, after giving birth, she opted for postnatal yoga class at home . ' More practical with the variable schedules of the life of a young mother', she believes. 'I got so hooked that after my rehabilitation of the perineum , I then signed up for a classic group class yoga class' .

Postnatal yoga at home: what are the benefits?

In addition to postnatal yoga sessions in group classes, there are also private sessions at home delivered by full professors or specialized midwives. You can then more easily adjust the schedule according to your availability and your baby's naps. He is awake ? You can place it on its cushion or in the deckchair by your side. If the session is more or less the same as that offered in a group lesson, you will be able to enjoy personalized support according to your needs. Another option? Opt for a video postnatal yoga class that you reproduce at home. Be careful then to choose a class adapted to this postpartum period and not a classic yoga class.

Postnatal mom-baby yoga: how does it work?

When you're a young mother, it's not easy to have your baby taken care of to go to her postnatal yoga session. Good news, in many courses they are welcome. It is also for the mothers a moment of sharing with their baby, but also of exchange with the other mothers of the group. During the lesson, the babies stay in their cozy, their stroller or on a carpet fluffy next to their mom. They sleep, babble or watch while you work your postures and exercises to strengthen the perineum and your abs gently. He is crying ? Rest assured, most newborns cry, so yours probably won't be the only disruptor in class. Besides, after a little hug, he should calm down, even fall asleep. And to guarantee you the most serene session possible, don't hesitate to give him his ration of milk (breast or bibi) just before class, to prevent him from getting hungry.

What is a postnatal yoga session like?

Classes usually last 1h30 and are accessible to all young mothers, whether or not they have already practiced yoga. Through gentle postures, we work the deep muscles and in particular the perineum and the abdominal belt. The postures and breathing exercises are practiced mainly on the back or on all fours and allow stretch the back, refocus the pelvis, contract the perineum and the deep abdominals. The class usually ends with a few minutes of relaxation. Postnatal yoga sessions are also a meeting place for young mothers to talk, get caring advice, confide in each other and break out of the frequent isolation in the first weeks after the birth of their baby.