PORNHUB reveals the preferences of French people in terms of X movies

Pornhub, adult content site, breaks records. In 2019, the platform recorded 42 billion visits and France ranked 6th among the countries most fond of naughty videos. Most visited categories, time spent on the site, favorite French and French pornstars: discover the facts to remember.

  PORNHUB reveals the preferences of French people in terms of X movies

Pornhub is one of the most searched free porn sites in the world. Founded in 2007, the platform offers a range of 6 million videos, which represents, if we watch them on the channel, 1.36 million hours of viewing or 169 years. In 2019, the site recorded an average of 125 million visits per day , which shows how popular porn sites are!
The most searched category is 'amateur', which proves that users want more realistic sex, far from codes and uses porn industry . The category follows 'alien' , then 'Belle Delphine' , a girl who stands out with her provocative costumes and colorful wigs (cosplay) , inspired by the universe kawaii Japanese, and who rose to fame by posting seductive photos on Instagram.
Globally, France climbs to 5th place of the countries that consume the most Pornhu b.
Most Searched Terms
there are: 'French' , 'french' , 'hentai' (Japanese pornographic manga) , 'milf' and 'lesbian' .
The most searched French stars are Leolulu, Nikita Bellucci and Clara Morgane. Among the men, Manuel Ferrara is the pornstar most sought after by French users.
The most popular categories of the French are 'French' and 'Arab'. Globally, the most searched categories are 'Japanese' and 'Lesbian'.

On average, the French spend 10 minutes and 23 seconds on the site, 12 seconds faster than last year. For a hint, the global average time spent on the site is 10 mins 28 seconds. Women would stay 23 seconds longer on the site than men.
18-25 year olds are said to be the fastest, as they stay an average of 64 seconds on Pornhub , far from 55-64 years old and their 119 seconds!

As for French visitors, Pornhub counts 32% women (i.e. 4% more than last year) and 68% men.

The majority of visitors are aged between 25 and 34 (35%). There are 28% of people aged over 45, 19% aged 35-44 and 18% aged 18-24.
All generations come together on Pornhub , which means that the consumption of pornographic sites concerns all age categories.

As for the medium used to access the site, the majority of visitors are on their mobile in France (71%). The computer is only used by 21% of French people and the tablet, by 8% of them. Visitors often wait until dark to go to Pornhub, who knows a peak of visits on Sunday at 11 p.m.

Most searched celebrities

  • Belle Delphine - Instagrammeuse  (30.9 million searches)
  • Kim Kardashian - Celebrity (18.3 million searches)
  • Cardi B - Artist (11.8 million searches)
  • Lena The Plug - Youtubeuse  (10.9 million searches)
  • Ariana Grande - Artiste (over 9 million searches)
  • Nicki Minaj - Artist (8.4 million searches)
  • Selena Gomez - Artiste (7.3 million searches)
  • Kylie Jenner - Celebrity (5.9 million searches)

Top 10 of the naughtiest countries:

10. Mexico

9. Australia

8. Philippines

7. Italy

6. Germany

5. France

4. Canada

3. United Kingdom

2. Japan

1. United States

And the women in all this?

According to Pornhub analyses, women are also active on porn sites: although the he global average of female visitors is only 32%, an increase of 3% compared to 2018. A good sign for psychologist Dr. Laurie Betito because it means women 'engage in the search for their personal pleasure, that they discover their bodies and identify what they like. Less shame, less taboo around female sexuality equates to more exploration'.
In France, the majority of users are in the 25-34 age group (35%). 19% of them are between 35 and 44 years old and 18% are between 18 and 24 years old. 45-54 year olds represent 14% of users. French women aged 55-64 are 9% and those over 65 are the least numerous (5%).
The kind of videos they watch the most, compared to other nations, are: 'French' (+ 1131%), 'Arab' (+ 143%) and 'Cuckold' (dominance of the woman passing through adultery accepted by the spouse, who is often a spectator, + 103%).

Favorite categories by age

Overall, each age group is found in similar searches. Among women aged 18-24, the top searches are: 'Japanese', 'Hentai', 'Lesbian' and 'Amateur'. The 18-24 year olds stand out from the other age groups by their penchant for categories 'Lone woman' and 'Hentai'.

  • Among the 25-34 year olds, we find practically the same top 4, with: 'Japanese', 'Hentai', 'Amateur' and 'Lesbian'. There is a preference compared to other age groups, for the category 'Virtual reality'.
  • For 35-44 year olds, the preferred categories are as follows: 'Japanese', 'Amateur', 'Ebony' and 'Lesbian'. The videos falling into the category 'Double Penetration' and 'BBW' (Big Beautiful Woman) are what make 35-44 year olds stand out.
  • The 45-54 year olds go into the categories: 'Japanese', 'Mature', 'Amateur' and 'MILF'. They are the most numerous, compared to other age groups, to view the categories 'Mature' and 'Smoking' (Smoking).
  • The 55-64 year olds seem to have the same tastes as their younger sisters: 'Japanese', 'Mature', 'Lesbian' and 'Amateur'. There is a preference for videos 'Vintage' and 'Mature'. 
  • Finally, among those aged 65 and over, the most visited categories are: 'Mature', 'Japanese', 'Amateur' and 'Lesbian'. The category 'Vintage' is more popular among 65+ year olds than any other!