Pierre Perret: This 'Lung Bitch' That Almost Jeopardized His Career

In a biography devoted to the singer Pierre Perret, published this Thursday, October 20, 2022, the author Alain Poulanges returned to a health concern which could well have cost him his career. And which has somewhat upset his life at the time.

  Pierre Perret: This"saloperie au poumon" qui a bien failli compromettre sa carrière

In Pierre Perret - The doors to freedom , a biography released this Thursday, October 20, 2022 by L'Archipel editions, the writer Alain Poulanges paid a vibrant tribute to Pierre Perret. And in one of the chapters, devoted to the health of the now 88-year-old artist, the author returns in detail to an episode in his life which could well have severely compromised his career .

The 'lung mess' by Pierre Perret who “could have led (…) to cardiac arrest”

66 years of career, more than 500 songs and almost as many hits... Pierre Perret is one of France's most emblematic singers for an entire generation of French people. But according to his biographer Alain Poulanges - of which we find extracts from his work on Evening Mag - everything could have been very different. And for good reason, after having opened for the American group Les Platters, the singer made his big comeback in Paris and resumed as the author indicates in his book 'his frantic journey, going from smoky cabarets to smoky cabarets, until November' . But this sustained pace could have cost him dearly.

In effect, he started to feel tired 'more and more demanding' . And according to Alain Poulanges, Pierre Perret thus saw 'his condition worsening' . 'After an auscultation which was supposed to be in order, the doctor decided that it was not serious. He prescribed vitamins and a liniment' , he then reveals. But nothing helped, the poet continued to feel 'feelings of suffocation' . He then reportedly saw a doctor who then told him: 'You got some bloody lungs!' . A problem which, untreated 'could have resulted in loss of consciousness or worse, cardiac arrest' .

The wife of Pierre Perret's time leaves him... For his doctor!

Then followed a long convalescence which forced Pierre Perret to give up on the stage for several months. 'The treatment was heavy: tablets, injections and compulsory rest' , details the biographer who then tells that the interpreter of the tubes The Zizi , The birdcage or Lily continued his recovery 'with friends in the Pyrenees, in Luchon' . Coincidentally (or not…), it is also in this city that his doctor had planned to spend his holidays. But, a few weeks later, the artist learned that his wife at the time, Françoise, was leaving him to live an idyll with this same doctor…

'The breakup was not easy. After four years of living together, Pierre, ill, found himself alone with the uncomfortable obsession of not having seen anything coming' , writes Alain Poulanges. Before specifying: 'Pierre spent seven months in Sancellemoz. He was released on July 9, 1960, the day of his 26th birthday. Seven months spent recovering his health and writing, but seven months spent far from Paris, far from his professional world' . A forced makeover which above all gave new life to his career.

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