Pierre Palmade: his revelations about his love affair with Patrick Juvet

Some may not know it, but in the early 1990s, comedian Pierre Palmade and singer Patrick Juvet were in a relationship. And while the latter died last year, the actor recently confided in him.

  Pierre Palmade: his revelations about his history of'amour avec Patrick Juvet

The songwriter and performer Patrick Juvet had sung Where are the women , he had never hidden his bisexuality. A subject on which he did not hesitate to speak publicly. 'I am surprised that this subject remains a taboo. For forty years, mentalities have not changed' , he had for example declared on this subject in an interview given in 2012. Moreover, it was indeed in the arms of a man that he had finally found love at the very beginning of the 1990s. And his face is familiar to all French people, to say the least, since he has been an emblematic figure in television and show business for several years now. Patrick Juvet has indeed formed a couple with Michèle Laroque's lifelong accomplice, we have named Pierre Palmade .

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“He was afraid for me” : the secrets of Pierre Palmade about Patrick Juvet

More than a year after his death, Patrick Juvet continues to intrigue. Died on April 01, 2021 at the age of 70 following a heart attack in a Barcelona apartment, the Swiss, whose causes of death were only determined after a detailed autopsy, has always fascinated the crowds . And time seems to have no bearing on it. To the extent that chain Paris Premiere will broadcast a documentary dedicated to his life, Patrick Juvet: with an open heart , next August 22 in the first part of the evening, at 9 p.m. . The opportunity for the directors and their many guests to come back to his rise, his career, his decline, but also his personal and love life. And on the stories that marked his life. The couple he formed with Pierre Palmade thus being one of them. As reported TV Star , the comedian with whom Patrick Juvet had kept very good relations despite their breakup has also made revelations in the context of said documentary. 'When I met him, he was no longer drinking alcohol. It was me who fell into these excesses and he was lecturing me. He was afraid for me ' , said the 54-year-old comedian. Before continuing: 'So he would go out at night but not so late as me. So we would also see each other during the day' . 'I really find it difficult to know that physically he is no longer anywhere. His death is a shock. I can't get over it too much' , he also confessed moved.

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