Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix, together for more than 35 years: secrets of their couple

It's been more than three decades since Pierre Arditi, starring in the TV movie 'Mémoire Trouble' this September 20, 2022 on France 3, and Evelyne Bouix have been madly in love. If they crossed the threshold of marriage in 2010, the two actors never had children. Confidences on their beautiful love story.

  Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix, together for more than 35 years: secrets of their couple

Love is not a calm river but it lasts between Evelyne Bouix and the actor Pierre Arditi , that we find him in a new TV movie, Troubled Memory , on France 3 , this Tuesday, September 20, 2022. The two actors have been living a beautiful love story for many years now. The two had recalled their first meeting in the mid-1980s, in an interview with Gala , in 2021. When they met, the 68-year-old actress, who wore ' a white blouse and high waisted pants “, had found the actor 'cute and friendly '. ' Most If we had been told then that thirty-five years later we would still be together, I don't think either of us would have believed it!' . she launched in the columns of the magazine. It must be said that it took them almost twenty-five years to decide to say 'yes' to the town hall...

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Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix did not want to get married

Yet very much in love with each other, Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix were initially reluctant to unite for life. I divorced Florence Giorgetti in 1978, Above all, the actor wanted his newfound independence. ' We each had our own apartment. We tamed each other like that. Then we ended up living together. We took our time. Curiously, belonging to a generation that lived through the great freedom of morals of the 70s, I remember that when we got married to Florence, we had the impression that a sort of invisible chain now linked us together. to another, whereas until then we were twirling and very free , To not say libertarians ' , he said in Gala .

' Marriage suddenly seemed to me to be a binding tie, something that made life more delicate, with obligations . I think it's partly for this reason that it took us such a long time to decide, especially since, in a way, Evelyne had other fears but which were somewhat similar to mine... “, continued Arditi.

Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix: why they never had children

The couple finally got married on May 31, 2010. But the spouses never had children together. A choice explained by Evelyne Bouix, already a mother of Salome Lelouch, the daughter she had with Claude Lelouch and who was 3 years old when she met Pierre Arditi. ' Pierre wanted it right away, while I wanted to take advantage of my daughter. And when I felt ready, he was the one who wasn't.' she asserted.

Frédéric Arditi's father, Pierre Arditi has simply 'declined the proposal' of sa company. 'Let's say I might regret having only one child, but in reality I have three. My son, who is now 50 years old, Salomé who has a father of course, but whom I partly raised, and then I have a third child who is Evelyne', outbid the 77-year-old comedian about his wife, whom he describes as his ' best friend' , in ' mistress' and 'they are children '.

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Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix: the secrets of their couple

Now, the two actors have shared 36 years of common life with each other. A longevity that has something to dream about... And that is explained by a well-kept secret of the couple! 'We have a rule of life with Evelyne which consists in respect what the other wants . It's been going on like this for thirty-five years, and it's rare enough for people to say it,' unveiled Pierre Arditi at Gala.  The duo leaves ' enough freedom 'to find each other better... 'There are many things that we passionately love to do together, and others that are our respective territories', agreed Evelyne Bouix, adding: 'There is between us mutual respect, great tolerance absolutely necessary'.

Pierre Arditi in Troubled Memory, what is it about?

The pitch? It is France 3 which relates it on its official site before the broadcast: ' It is better to have a hundred guilty people outside than one innocent person in prison. The former policeman Pierre Garlat agrees with this maxim of Voltaire. And yet, it is he who has just been accused of having manipulated evidence in one of his old investigations. So he seriously questions himself. Unfortunately, he does not remember the file accurately. There are so many things he can't remember. Is memory selective? Did he really tamper with clues? So who is he? And this man in prison, is he guilty? With his son Nicolas, a policeman like him, Garlat will return to Paris and resume the investigation from scratch. '

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