Peppa Pig: a lesbian couple in the cartoon

The cult cartoon has decided to stage a little girl and her two mothers. A great first in Peppa Pig, witness to an inclusive commitment through the arrival of these new characters.

  Peppa Pig: a lesbian couple in the cartoon

[Updated September 9, 2022 at 3:13 p.m.] Seven seasons, hundreds of episodes, airing in 180 countries... Peppa Pig is a must for cartoons for toddlers. The British series stands out again by deciding to show a homoparental family for the first time.

Gay moms in Peppa Pig

This Tuesday, September 6, 2022, the British channel Channel 5 broadcast the forty-first episode of the seventh season of Peppa Pig . In this one, a classmate of the famous heroine, Penny, a polar bear cub, draws a picture in class to introduce her family. “I live with my mum and my other mum. One of my moms is a doctor and my other mom cooks spaghetti. I love spaghetti' , says the young pupil, and the teacher answers her: 'Formidable' . A little later, we see her two mothers picking her up from school.

An initiative hailed and criticized

This episode gives visibility to homoparental families and to LGBT+ people in a children's program, where they are still too rarely represented. Via Peppa Pig, a cartoon with a very particular posture, in which there are never villains or controversial subjects, is indicative of a commitment welcomed by many people and associations. But it has also been criticized by organizations known for their conservatism.

'We know that all good propaganda begins at an early age. Two mothers for one character…. A pure lie broadcast to toddlers' , writes on Twitter La Manif Pour Tous, calling on the French public authority for the regulation of audiovisual and digital communication. But this is not a lie: homoparental families exist and, whatever one thinks of it, we must not deprive the children concerned of cultural representations. This, moreover, was emphasized to the BBC Robbie de Santos, from Stonewall, a British association for the defense of LGBT rights. 'It's fantastic. Many who watch the episode will have two moms or two dads and it makes sense to many parents and children to have their experiences represented in such a cult children's program.' , he said, with good reason.