People love it, here is the secret of the best chip shop in France

At the start of 2023, a site specializing in chip shops published a very serious ranking: that of the best chip shops in France.

  People love it, here is the secret of the best chip shop in France

It's the ranking that makes you smile. It even seems... who makes us have fries ! As every year, the site revealed its ranking of best chip shops France and Belgium in 2022. What are the French addresses on the podium ? We tell you everything.

A region with potatoes

At first glance, the ranking is not surprising. On the first three steps of the podium, the Hauts-de-France dominate. Widely. It must be said that the north of France and particularly Nord-Pas-de-Calais is renowned - among other things - for its exceptional mussels and fries.

In the first position of the classification, we therefore find the hersinoise chip shop in Hersin-Coupigny in Pas-de-Calais. Just behind her, the city of Dunkirk is honored with the establishment Classy Fries . Finally, on the last step of the podium, The Friterie of the Park , located in Grenay, Pas-de-Calais is also a medalist.

To establish this classification, the site relies on the popularity index . Over more than 2,600 chip shops registered on the site, these are more than 1,200 cities which are represented. By combining the rankings of France and Belgium, more than 95,870 votes were obtained . To calculate the popularity index, the site takes into account the number of votes favoring recent votes over old ones. The customer reviews also have an impact as well as the seniority of the establishment on the online guide website.

The secret of success of the best chip shop in France

The Hersinoise chip shop in Hersin-Coupigny is a family history . Managed by two sisters, the establishment owes its success to an important parameter: love the product . In their 'barrack', 60 kilos of fries are sold every day. The recipe for success ? A clean oil , of the fresh fries and lots of love! The whole thing makes the fry 'crispy and a little chewy', smiles one of the clients interviewed by France 3 Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Do you know one of the chip shops in the top 15?

If the ch'tis dominate the ranking hands down, here are the 15 best chip shops in France . Our Belgian friends can rejoice, they too have a ranking, just for them, available online.

Here are the 15 best chip shops in France:

  • Friterie hersinoise, Hersin-Coupigny, Hauts-de-France
  • Chic Frite, Dunkirk, Hauts-de-France
  • La Friterie du Parc, Grenay, Hauts-de-France
  • Fries to brown, Wambrechies, Hauts-de-France
  • Burger Magic, Aniche, Hauts-de-France
  • Chez Delphine, Cambrai, Hauts-de-France
  • Chip shop at Mel, Langres, Grand-Est
  • La Ch'tite Frite, Raillencourt-Sainte-Olle, Hauts-de-France
  • Chez Karine, Aix-Noulette, Hauts-de-France
  • Kat'frites, Beuvry, Hauts-de-France
  • The Morbecquoise chip shop, Morbecque, Hauts-de-France
  • 14's diner, Hersin-Coupigny, Hauts-de-France
  • French fries, Samer, Hauts-de-France
  • Friterie Mollien, Calais, Hauts-de-France
  • At the Bonne Frite, Ruoms, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Each month, the site awards a prize to the best establishment of the month . Their track record is posted on the Facebook account of the French-speaking guide. And if your city is not one of them, you can always turn to homemade fries . A delight to make in a snap thanks to our advice given in the article above.