Paul McCartney turns 80: Dramas, Women in his Life, (Very) Expensive Divorce, Secrets of the Beatles Separation...

Paul McCartney turns 80 on June 18. Do you know the real reason for the Beatles split? The singer reveals his truth, but also the dramas of his life, his costly divorce, the attack he witnessed... and his secrets.

  Paul McCartney turns 80: Dramas, Women in his Life, (Very) Expensive Divorce, Secrets of the Beatles Separation...

' But who is it Paul McCartney ?' ignited several fans of Kanye West after the announcement of a duet between the rapper and the former Beatle, in 2015. If a section of the generation seems to have missed out on the 'Mc Cartney' phenomenon, there is no doubt that his musical genius will have marked the history of the Rock'n'roll. A look back at his extraordinary journey, on the occasion of the anniversary of Paul McCartney,  who celebrates 80 years June 18. His dramas, the truth about the Beatles' separation, his exorbitant divorce, his wife, the attack he witnessed... and his secrets .

Paul McCartney : le drame de son enfance

Sir James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool . He evolves in a fairly modest family environment, with a nurse mother and a father who works in a cotton factory. At the same time, he rehearses regularly with a small rock band for which he plays the trumpet, and transmits his passion for music to his son by regularly taking him to attend concerts. Realizing his artistic streak, he encouraged him to take piano lessons and experiment with several instruments.

But his childhood changes at 14, when Mary, his mother, dies of a cancer be you ; a sinister common point that he will share with his friend John Lennon and which will link the two musicians.

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Paul McCartney: what Elvis told him

After the tragedy the family is broken and the absence is felt. This painful experience allows him somehow to exploit his potential, since Paul seeks to drown his pain in music , and taught himself to play the piano and the trumpet, which he practiced with incomparable zeal.

Then, growing up, he discovered the frenzied rhythms of Rock'n'roll à la Elvis Presley, who sang and swayed on stage accompanied by his guitar. Admiring, the teenager takes it into his head to learn to play a third instrument, the one that his idol wears at each concert, the guitar. . At that time, he developed his talent and added a string to his bow by composing his first piece, I Lost My Little Girl .

Paul McCartney: Meeting John Lennon

If you go to Woolton, you can see a memorial stone, as if a historical event happened there. And in a way, it kind of is. On July 6, 1957, when he was only 15 years old, Paul has an encounter that will change his life and the history of Rock'n'roll . During a music festival in Woolton, the Quarrymen, a rock group created by John Lennon, performs on stage. This one meets Paul McCartney , through Ivan Vaughan, a friend of this one, who proposes to John to integrate it in his group.

The singer of the Quarrymen was initially reluctant because of his young age, but when he offered to accompany him on the guitar for a few songs, the performance of the young Paul McCartney finally convinced him. Later, Lennon would confess to his biographer Hunter Davies: ' To this moment, I said to myself that it It is was as good as me, and that if I took him in the group, I had to check him. umbrella to read ' .

Paul McCartney: why the group is called the Beatles

In 1960 the Name of the group is chosen: they will be called the 'Beatles' in reference to the film The Wild Team in which it is about a gang called the 'beetles'.

After a resounding success , tragedy strikes the band head on when their producer and friend, Brian Epstein died suddenly on August 27, 1967. The other Beatles being deeply affected and disoriented by this loss, it was McCartney who remotivated the troops and encouraged them not to be defeated. This one takes all the more importance and endorses the role of leader formerly held by John Lennon.

Paul McCartney: the truth about the band split

But nearly fifty years after the Betales separated, the question still remains the same... Who really decided to end the  Beatles ? In an interview given to the BBC Radio 4 in 2021, an extract of which was relayed by The Guardian ,  Paul McCartney put an end to the rumors that accuse him of being the responsible for splitting up the group in 1969 . According to the words of the former bassist, it was John Lennon who would have slammed the door first. 'John came in one fine day and said he was quitting the Beatles. If that's not causing a split, is it?' , said the 79-year-old singer-songwriter.

After years of worldwide success, phenomenon renamed ' Beatlemania ', the leader of the Beatles preferred to stop everything to devote himself to his private life. ' John was rebuilding his life with Yoko Ono. He had always wanted to detach himself from society because, you know, he had been raised by his Aunt Mimi, who was quite repressive , so he was always trying to break away', continued the musician.

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Paul McCartney didn't want the band to break up

While he was the first to publicly announce the dissolution of the Beatles, Paul McCartney revealed that he would have liked the adventure alongside Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon to last a few more years. ' It was my band, it was my job, it was my life. I wanted this to continue “. he declared at the microphone of the BBC .

With the arrival of their new manager Allen Klein in 1967, relations between the artists gradually strained until they reached the point of no return... The four members of the group then put on a good face to avoid ruining commercial agreements made by Klein. ' For a few months, we had to pretend. It was weird because we all knew it was the end of the Beatles, but we couldn't just walk away.' a conclu McCartney. 

Paul McCartney: the mourning of his life

The whole world knows the rest: all of them started a solo career, before John Lennon don't be murdered December 8, 1980 at the age of 40...' For several days I didn't want to admit to myself that he had been murdered. It was only afterwards that I finally understood what had really happened. It was a huge shock. ' later confided Paul McCartney. George Harrison is meanwhile died in 2001 from cancer at 58 years old.

A few years later, on April 14, 1998, Paul faced another tragedy when his wife Linda passes away, breast cancer victim .

Paul McCartney witnessed (from afar) an attack

If the day of September 11, 2001 upsets the planet, Sir Paul is greatly affected by this event, and for good reason: he has been attending it since New York JFK airport tarmac .

' Through the window on the right side of the plane, you could see the twin towers . First there was a plume of smoke, then a second. I said it was an optical illusion. It's probably just some kind of small fire. Eventually the steward came up to me and said, 'Listen, something bad happened in New York and we need to get you out of here' “, he remembered with the Hollywood Reporter .

Paul McCartney : son divorce (extrêmement) cher

In 2002, the musician wife Heather Mills , mother of her daughter Béatrice, born in 2003. But the couple ended up divorcing in 2006 and Paul McCartney had to pay the considerable sum of 24.3 million pounds , or approximately 30.9 million euros.

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Paul McCartney: who is his wife?

It's with Nancy Shevell , a wealthy businesswoman 17 years his junior, whom the singer decided to marry in 2011.' You are my rock and roll, you are my side A and my side B, you are my verse and my chorus. I like you “, he told her on Instagram in 2020, for their nine years of marriage.

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Paul McCartney: what now?

On June 16, 2022, Paul McCartney completed his Got Back Tour, his first US tour in three years. And to celebrate (a little early) the rock star's 80th birthday, Bruce Springsteen et Jon Bon Jovi sang with him on stage. An anniversary to mark in the annals...