Patrick Sébastien will have a 'funny funeral': crazy confidences on what he has planned for his funeral

Patrick Sébastien has planned his funeral which promises to be 'funny'! The ex-host evokes a 'little foam man', a beer dispenser, 'a meeting bench'... He even wrote a song about his funeral!

  Patrick Sébastien will have a 'funny funeral': crazy secrets about what'il a prévu pour ses obsèques

Patrick Sebastian has already foreseen it: it will have a ' funny funeral “, he assured to Tele-Leisure . The 68-year-old former host has already detailed his requirements for his funeral on his testament . For his funeral, he would like a beer tap is installed and that a ' Little Bonhome in foam 'be erected' instead of Jesus on the cross '. Should we take him at his word? Nothing is less certain. In any case, Patrick Sébastien hopes that his funeral will be colorful, against a backdrop of ' garlands ' and of ' marching bands ', lit-on. Sa future grave is located in Martel, in the Lot.

Patrick Sébastien: 'meeting benches' at his funeral

For D-Day, Patrick Sébastien has also planned the installation of ' meeting benches' . 'It's not an orgy date huh! It's a real thing of people who are in benevolence, who are in altruism “, he specified. And to explain: “ These people could sit on the benches and stay around my vault for a while, talk, get to know each other. I think it's a great idea to put in a lot of cemeteries '.

' I am very lucid about the passage of time and I would like to be able to stop before physical and moral decay. But it'll surely catch me before I have the courage to do so “, has also confided, always in Tele-Leisure , Sébastien's father, who died in 1990, Olivier, 41, Benjamin, 31, and Lily, 14,

Patrick Sébastien, ready to die: 'I don't have much left'

I have to say that Patrick Sebastian is convinced to be near the end . The former host of Biggest Cabaret in the World , ousted by France 2 in 2019, did not mince his words when he evoked death near 20 Minutes , in the summer of 2021: ' For me, death is imminent. I am clairvoyant. I'm 67 years old, I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. So far, so good. But I see around me… The AVC… It can happen to me later, in five minutes. My mother died at 73. I don't have much left normally. It doesn't scare me 'cause I believe it's all written '.

A song about his funeral

In his next album, Nathalie's husband, from whom he is separated, has also planned to include a song about... his funeral . And no, the lyrics will not be: ' What are we tight at the bottom of this box '. But rather: ' Now I'm fine, I don't suffer anymore , I no longer have a toothache, if I had known, I would have died before. This evening I have an appointment with old friends in a small bar, the atmosphere is libertarian, cell phones are forbidden, no it's not hell, it's paradise '.

They are 'arme de mort'

However, even if he does not consider that he still has good decades ahead of him, Patrick Sébastien prefers see the good side of life . He even has projects in his head. ' Life only interests me when hyperactive. I do 100,000 km a year. I have lots of projects: an album, a series, the shows “, he assured 20 Minutes . Far from maintaining an irreproachable lifestyle, the ex-host did not hesitate to light a cigarette during the interview: ' That is my weapon of death , I know it. If I died of this, I wouldn't have stolen it. It would piss me off to die in gulping down a glass of water '. That is what is said.