Patrick Sébastien.. is a libertine: trips to the Bois de Boulogne, breakup with his wife, 'I don't belong to anyone'

Chronic unfaithful and assumed libertine, Patrick Sébastien gives himself up without taboo on his nocturnal trips to the Bois de Boulogne to Cyril Hanouna in 'Touche pas à mon poste'

  Patrick Sébastien.. is a libertine: trips to the Bois de Boulogne, breakup with his wife, 'I don't'appartiens à personne"

Patrick Sébastien, what revelations does he make in his book?

Invited to the Touche set not at my post on Monday, September 26, Patrick Sébastien came to talk about the release of Live and be reborn every day , a confession book that looks back on 'An unjust eviction, cancer, separation, in recent months I've taken it all in stride. Ordeals added to past wounds. I could be at the bottom of the hole, complaining from morning to night It's just the opposite that happens. I go back on stage, write new songs, discover young talents. Because, no matter how sad our twilights, we must always believe in a new day. Forget winter and set our clocks to summer time. Live and be reborn every day. I would like this book to help all those who experience bereavement, difficulties, illnesses, to REBORN' can we read on the back cover of the book. Intimate confessions written down on paper in which the comedian talks about his fight against kidney cancer from which he was suffering, but also about his recent breakup with his wife Nathalie Boutot after thirty years of love. 'It's an exemplary, amicable separation. You can part without tearing yourself apart. True love is wanting the happiness of the other, even if it's outside of yourself. There is so many dramas after the separations. Nana and I are responsible adults, we have a child“he declared in the columns of Figaro.

Patrick Sébastien, an assumed debauchery

But it's on a whole other chapter of his confession book that Cyril Hanouna wished to linger. Indeed, in this new autobiographical story, the former host of the Biggest Cabaret in the world looks back on the ordeals he has gone through in recent months, on this cancer he has overcome, but also evokes his sexuality without taboo. On the plateau de Touche not at my post, one who calls himself unfaithful chronic and assumed libertine confessed 'My sex life ends with the consent of the other. I have never violated anyone, it's not my thing. But it's true that I'm a lover of freedom. And in the middle libertine , it's not just ass. It's a way of being. There is respect and it's a world that I like'.

Night trips to the Bois de Boulogne

About the libertine milieu that he does not hide from frequenting but also the transvestites of the Bois de Boulogne that he mentions in his book, Patrick Sébastien has never hidden his differences from his wife and is pleased to have formed a modern couple with Nana for 30 years , even if he confesses it to Cyril Hanouna 'There is something that bothers me in traditional love, it's possessiveness. I feel that I don't belong to anyone and that no one belongs to me (… 'My wife knew things. She deserves it all the more. It was a deal. Above all, there is a deal of mutual respect between us basically, because I never cheated on what I I was. There are so many guys who promise their wives to be role models and don't stick to it.' he concludes.