Patrick Sébastien: Cash on his salary and his fortune, is the animator rich?

Comedian, presenter, singer and author, Patrick Sébastien combines different careers. But does this busy professional life bring in a lot of money? Find out the artist's salary.

  Patrick Sébastien: Cash on his salary and his fortune, the'animateur est-il riche ?

Like every Friday evening on C8 since the start of the school year, Patrick Sébastien presents The Sebastian years at 9:20 p.m. A program in which the comedian shares the most beautiful memories of his career and his most beautiful emotions with a host of guests. The opportunity to look into the life of the TV presenter, with his various shows, his albums and his autobiography Live and be reborn every day that he just came out, Is Patrick Sébastien rich? We take stock of the singer's salary and fortune.

How much did Patrick Sébastien earn on France 2?

Among The Greatest Cabaret in the World, The Happiness Years, Ze Fiesta , Patrick Sébastien was really one of the flagship presenters of the television channel. In 2015, in an interview with our colleagues from Entertainment TV , the comedian had confided in his salary for The happy years . He had thus explained that for the filming of each of the episodes, he would have pocketed a cache of 10,000 euros . The program which began in 2006 and ended in 2017, has a total of 84 episodes . So that's a nice jackpot... The same year, in an interview with TV Major Channels , he had detailed a conflict he had with France 2 over the requested hearings and added that he is fighting ' constantly to try to obtain 20,000 euros which we easily grant to others' and it took him 'too much energy '.

The magician Bernard Bilis, who worked with Patrick Sébastien to The biggest cabaret in the world also delivered on the salary of the artists and the presenter during the show Luxury Moment in 2020. He explained that salaries have evolved over the years. He did not give a specific figure for the amount the flagship presenter received, but he nevertheless specified that the sum for an episode was slightly less than 4000 euros .

Does Patrick Sébastien earn more on television or in his musical career?

Always with our colleagues from TV Major Channels , in 2015, the presenter admitted that his television career was not his primary source of income . He then said: ' I make more money with my songs and on stage than with TV. I've sold over 200,000 CDs with It's going to be a party! My audience is made up of kids who grew up with me. (...) See you soon to be 62, TV as I see it, it's tiring! I could stop TV by keeping a few prime times to keep a showcase, and continue to have fun at galas '

The ' financial hole ' after France Televisions

In 2019, his career within the France Television group came to an end, he then confided to the newspaper The Parisian : ' It makes me a huge financial hole but freedom has a price ' . That same year, he appeared on TF1 and presented The Big Blooper on New Years Eve, December 31. He would have been paid 1500 euros per minute , which is much more than the amount offered to other presenters...