Patrick Sabatier reveals his heavy family secret: 'What is amazing is...'

Patrick Sabatier openly confides in a heavy family secret that he carried around for a long time. The now 70-year-old host tells it all in a new book.

 Patrick Sabatier reveals his heavy family secret: 'What is astonishing, c'est..."

Patrick Sabatier has long been haunted by a heavy family secret. So, to free himself from this weight, the 70-year-old host decided to tell his story in his new book, The letter , which will be published on September 21, by Éditions du Rocher. But what secret is it? The former presenter of the show Wanted poster belatedly discovered that he had a hidden brother. ' But not only. It would be almost banal. It happens in lots of families. What is astonishing is the way in which this secret was unveiled, via a letter, hence the title of the book. A shocking letter that a woman came to give me “, he explained in TV Magazine , this September 13th.

Patrick Sabatier: the heavy secret of his mother

But Patrick Sabatier does not wish to reveal too much for the moment. ' Those who read the book will find that the story turned out to be even more amazing than that! But motus... I reveal a family secret with drawers “, he let know.

In his book, the husband of Isabelle Sabatier tells his mother's story , through her eyes. A story that begins... at the beginning. ' Emma/my mother was used to misfortune. She was orphaned, dragged from Italy to France and married too early. When her ex-husband lets off steam on her, she has no bearings. When they take her child away from her, she thinks she doesn't deserve to keep it “, first said Patrick Sabatier.

Patrick Sabatier has found his hidden brother

Finally, when the animator learns of the existence of his hidden brother, many years later, he absolutely wants to organize a meeting between this lost brother and his mother. ' When I bring them together I'm as upset as them . I see this man who opens the door and says 'hello mum'. This moment then belongs to my mother (...) He was quite relaxed with me. We watched each other, we sniffed each other. Mom and him had time to find each other', did he still remember with TV Magazine. Unfortunately, this family history is abruptly interrupted by illness: ' Unfortunately, they died six months apart from the same disease. '.

But why did the host choose to tell this intimate family story ? ' I'm writing my mother's story so all the other women won't be abused. I also dedicate The Letter to my wife, Isabelle, whom I call Lisa. Without her, I would never have written this book. She told me so much that my life was a novel, one day, I had the click “, he let know.