Patrick Bruel not comfortable with his physique? 'I never had a great love for'

Patrick Bruel confided without taboo on his physique at the microphone of radio Europe 1, in an interview which will be broadcast on Sunday November 13. The singer revealed to have complexes...

  Patrick Bruel not at'aise avec son physique ? "Je n'ai jamais eu un grand amour pour"

Patrick Bruel is considered one of the sex symbols of the 80s. The singer topped the charts with his hits Square of great men , Who has the right or At the cafe of delights . If his success is no longer to be proven, the artist has not always had confidence in him. The singer granted Europe 1 an interview that will air on Sunday, November 13 on the show The guest in question! . Patrick Bruel admitted to having 'complexes' . “Unfortunately I never thought that I was looking pretty good” , said Patrick Bruel to Patrick Sabatier.

Patrick Bruel: his trigger thanks to...

'I never had a great love for my physique' , estimated the 63-year-old singer. He explains that he had a click at the age of 27. It was at this age that he learned to 'to love each other' . And all this thanks to a feature film by Claude Lelouch released in 1987, in which he played the role of Mozart, a young mobster. 'When Claude Lelouch made the first screening of the film Attention bandits! and I saw myself on the screen, there, I liked . I liked my face, I liked seeing myself. Before, I didn't really like seeing myself “, he said . Patrick Bruel was then in the skin of his character, which ended up inhabiting him. 'It's true that Claude had made such a marvelous description of this character that I ended up thinking that I could be him ' , he added.

Patrick Bruel: 'I try to watch what I eat'

And today, how does Patrick Bruel manage to love himself? He ensures to do his 'better' to be 'presentable' . 'Anyway, I do a lot of sport and I try to watch what I eat' , told Patrick Bruel to Europe 1. As a reminder, Patrick Bruel had followed in 2020 a food rebalancing to lose weight. On the menu: watermelon and fruit juice for a 100% detox program. Good meals, but also the resumption of regular physical activity. He had also shown the underside of his sports sessions on social networks, with pride.

On the heart side, after being married to Amanda Sthers, Patrick Bruel would have found love in the arms of a certain Clemence , if we are to believe Here is . A 27-year-old woman, who supports him in writing his new songs. His new album Once again is expected on November 18 in stores. Sixteen new tracks for this 10th studio album from the singer.