Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers: the face of their son Léon revealed - PHOTOS

Léon, the youngest son of Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers, turns 17. The opportunity for his parents to make him moving statements on Instagram … and to reveal the face of their son. Photos as rare as they are moving. Nostalgia is here!

  Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers: the face of their son Léon revealed - PHOTOS

In the 2000s, Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel spun the perfect love and had sealed their union in 2004 … before divorcing three years later. Despite everything, the singer and the writer are still close and even regularly share moments with their family, with their two sons, Oscar, who turned 19 last month, and Léon, who is celebrating his 17th birthday on September 28 . A new milestone that Patrick Bruel wanted to celebrate by posting a moving photo on his Instagram account, which he captioned: ' Mon Léon 17 years old... of love, of complicity, of sharing, of bursts of laughter... And then this look so beautiful that people have on you is only the reflection of what you are, one of the most beautiful people I have ever met… Your road will be beautiful. Proud to be your dad. Happy birthday. I like you '.

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Amanda Sthers, proud of her son

Her famous mom, Amanda Sthers, also wanted to pay tribute to her on her Instagram account. . The playwright The Blonde Old Jew therefore published a souvenir photo where we see her in the company of her still baby son, whose face she reveals. In the caption of this post, she describes her youngest as being 'gentle but determined, sunny, generous, artist, so complicit with his big brother' . And to conclude: 'Leon, you can't wait to be at the age of possibility...Enjoy the quivering promises, time flies away in an instant...but how beautiful it is around you. Happy birthday my Leon! ' .

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Oscar and Léon Bruel-Sthers: a life between Los Angeles and Paris

Amanda Sthers is never shy about talking about her sons on social media. Left to live in the United States, in Los Angeles more precisely, with them after the Paris attacks in 2015 , she seems very close to her two boys. Who share their life between the city of angels and the city of light.

Patrick Bruel, who accepted their mother's decision, visits them regularly, as he told the magazine It's up to you in 2019. ' For the past two years I've been there a month every two months . So I was one of Air France's best customers...' , he then entrusted to the set. In the same interview, the singer told another moving anecdote about his eldest son, Oscar: 'When he saw the tour starting to heat up, he emailed the production company and said, 'If you want my daddy to see his kids, you're not going to put any shows between such and such a date. and such date'. They totally respected it without telling me' . Anyway, according to Patrick Bruel's latest Instagram posts, Léon will be able to count on the presence of his father by his side to celebrate his birthday since he is back in Los Angeles. .