Patricia, Amanda... Patrick Bruel: who are the real women in his life?

Who has never fallen for Patrick Bruel? Teen love, love of a lifetime, unshakable friendship: who are those who have had the chance to share moments or years with the singer of 'Place des grands hommes'?

  Patricia, Amanda... Patrick Bruel: who are the real women in his life?

Who hasn't closed their eyes and imagined themselves in the arms of the dandy with the wavy hair and broken voice? We can say what we want, but Patrick Benguigui born May 14, 1959 in Tlemcen, East Algeria, aged 62, one of the most magnetic French singer/actors of his generation. Those who write love songs and sing them with stars in their eyes have always had a crush and that's not patrick bruel , whose career hasn't seen a stir since the 90s, who will be the exception!

We remember of course the ' Bruelmania ' as if it were yesterday: fiery statements, girls tearing their hair to the sound of his piano, going into a trance during his concerts... and going to hang out in front of his hotel. Far from having settled , Oscar and Leon's dad travels between Los Angeles, where his sons and are ex-femme Amanda Sthers , and Paris, when not on tour.

Success, he owes it thanks to his hits 'Breaking Voice' , 'I tell you anyway' and many others that we all know by heart. With his Mediterranean physique and his perfect son-in-law face , the cinema reaches out to him (Le coup de sirocco, Le Jaguar) . There too, the public acclaims him . And the women are jostling... Céline, Caroline, Pauline, Amanda: who are these women who made Patrick Bruel's heart beat faster?

Patricia, the Brazilian on the guitar

It is certainly the singer's first love and also the least known to the general public. Patricia and Patrick meet in Paris when they are only teenagers. It was with her that the young man perfected his guitar skills.

Their fetish song was What will it be? , which Patrick Bruel will reinterpret during his concerts. In 1989, on the show Wanted poster presented by Patrick Sabatier , fans discover the features of young Patricia, a pretty blonde with an exotic accent.

“It was a superb love story that went through music, Brazil. I fell completely in love with Patrick when we first met ' , confides the young woman who remained in Brazil. 'It went on for quite a while until we got to the bottom of it. We played guitar a lot, sung and traveled a lot !' , she concludes with a smile. Moved, the two friends start to play and sing... In Portuguese of course!

Amanda Sthers, the mother of his children

If there is a woman who matters so much to Patrick Bruel, it is are ex-femme Amanda Sthers . The writer and he met in 2001 in Saint-Tropez, they said 'yes' to each other at the synagogue and at the town hall of the 4th arrondissement three years later.

They welcome their first boy, Oscar in 2003 then Leon in 2005. At the end of 2007, Patrick Bruel announced their separation but Amanda Sthers and he remained good friends for the good of their family. Despite the distance that separates him from his sons, this papa poule declares to pass 'three to four weeks every two months' in the USA.

'I have lots of love for Amanda . There is admiration between us and still love, maybe just in a different form. In any case, one never completely separates from the mother of one's children.' he declared to Paris Match, to whom he also confided that she was [s] to best friend , 'the person who defends me the most in the world' . A beautiful love story with a happy ending!

Céline Bosquet, the journalist

Between 2009 and 2012, Patrick Bruel lives an idyll in the arms of the journalist Celine Bosquet . If the love between them two does not last a few years, it is not for lack of having tried to be discreet....

Caroline Nielsen, the Danish top

Model and fashion designer, the young Danish Caroline Nielsen made poor Patrick Bruel see all the colors. If we know little about this young woman born in 1993 and having grown up on a farm, she has already capsized the heart of another famous man... Host Arthur, with whom she had a little Aaron in 2009.

Between 2013 and 2017, Patrick and Caroline spin the perfect love and show themselves willingly in broad daylight in the stands of Roland Garros , until the top model ended their relationship.

Apparently, the two lovers were not on the same wavelength. “Caroline wanted to have another child with Patrick, himself the father of Léon and Oscar. She also dreamed of formalizing their union in front of the mayor . Two beautiful projects which apparently were not on her companion's agenda and created tension to the point that Caroline put an end to their story' , according to the magazine Closer .

'He really had a hard time, Patrick was very in love with his Caro. In addition, this time corresponds to the departure of his sons who now live in Los Angeles with their mother, Amanda Sthers' , adds a close source. Bad timing?

Clémence, the mysterious brunette

For a few years, rumors have been circulating about a supposed romance between the interpreter of the Coffee of Delights and a young stranger by the name of Clemence. But Patrick Bruel has never confirmed these assumptions.

Whereas Public said that the singer had to marry the young woman , the singer has set things straight, in Free Midi :' Do not (always) believe what the newspapers say x (...). It's totally unfounded, they don't know what to invent anymore ',

Augusta Kammoun, la femme de sa vie

Augusta Kammoun is, without question, THE most important woman in the singer's life, simply because she gave him life! Augusta Kammoun falls into the category of ' brave mothers '. When Patrick Bruel was only one year old, his father Pierre Benguigui left home. Augusta Kammoun then decided to leave Algeria for the suburbs of Paris. A teacher, she remarried a doctor and educated Patrick Bruel and his half-brothers, David and Fabrice, with love.

The singer mentions his relationship with his father in his song I met your son , He confesses to Paris Match : 'I probably would have liked us to talk more when I was a teenager. Until the 1990s, we only had sporadic contact.' Before expanding on a surprising anecdote: the surprise arrival of his father at one of his concerts in 2002.

'My mother accompanied me on my summer tour. On the day of the concert, we take the time to go to lunch [...] we spend the meal talking about my father, to whom I had not addressed the six years. When we get back in the car, my team calls me, 'Your father is coming to the entrance. What do we do?' A member of my staff, fortunately, knew him. My mother thought it was a set-up.' After some explanations, Patrick Bruel and his father decide to make up for lost time and bury the hatchet.

' We ended up having the big talk, in 2003, when I found out I was going to be a father. I didn't want to give birth to a child with that burden. And then I said to myself: 'My God, he was only 20 years old…' Today, he lives near Saint-Etienne, and we have a real relationship. My children are delighted to see their grandfather. And I look at it with tenderness.' Another love story with a happy ending.