Patrice Laffont is 83: what you don't know about the troublemaker

Happy birthday Patrice Laffont! The illustrious presenter who has animated over the years 'Fort Boyard', 'Numbers and Letters', or even 'Pyramides' celebrates his 83 years this August 21 ... and reveals his secrets.

  Patrice Laffont is 83: what you don't know about the troublemaker

Born August 21, 1939 in Marseilles , Patrice Laffont is the editor's son Robert Laffont . A privileged environment which he never wanted to take advantage of. 'I am what one might call a son of a family. My father is the publisher Robert Laffont. I therefore benefited from a comfortable life and atmosphere, and I could have had a good career without difficulty. in publishing with the help of dad. But the problem is that I didn't want people to say 'normal, he's the son of...'. Pride on my part, or simply want to prove myself, but I preferred to assume my own destiny', he confided in Republican Echo.

Patrice Laffont year of tv

After having made the heyday of television for years, the octogenarian is now taking advantage of his free time to go to the other side of the small screen. And Patrice Laffont is a great fan of tv shows! 'I watch all the new shows to get an idea. Everything except reality TV. I watch The Voice, Daily. I discovered Affaire Conclue with my girlfriend Sophie Front . I like. As soon as I'm home in the afternoon, I look. The concept is good. The cast is terrific. I met Pierre-Jean Chalençon, because he came to the Fort, I congratulated him. It's really well done.' he confided to Tele-Leisure .

His funny ritual

Cult animator of Fort Boyard alongside the pretty Sophie Davant, Patrice Laffont had strange habits once the cameras were turned off. Indeed, the host and his friend were playing a little game... unprecedented on the Fort. “Fort Boyard, there are long latency times (during filming). Sophie and I used to play a kind of little sporting game called puss-couille . I had to touch her what you think and her what I think. When we took each other from behind it was two points etc... It was the French championships of pussy and balls!'


If Patrice Laffont lived a rich life of flagship television programs ( Fort Boyard, Numbers and Letters, Pyramid ), his years of success were poor... in savings. Indeed, in 2019, at the dawn of his 80th birthday, the troublemaker of the PAF had revealed to be totally broke . ' I made a lot of money even though I have nothing left, because I spent it all . I am a real cicada' , he confessed to Tele-Leisure .

The woman of his life

Patrice Laffont is a happy and loving man. Married to his wife Valérie since 1996 with whom he has a daughter, Mathilde, 25 , the 80-year-old actor is more satisfied than ever.
Despite a separation 'without divorce' a year ago, lovers 'redo common roof' and spin the perfect love again... ' It's going wonderfully well. We've been married for twenty-three years. (...) Valérie is the woman of my life. We never left each other somehow. (...) When I met her, she was 18, and I was 40. I've always been with younger women,' he revealed to Paris here.

Patrice Laffont, d. hated by Louis de Funès

In 1964, Axelle Laffont's dad made an appearance at the cinema in the cult film The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez , where he played the role of Jean-Luc, young seductive playboy of Nicole Cruchot, the daughter of the famous Ludovic Cruchot, played by Louis de Funès.

If he loved the experience, Patrice Laffont did not only make friends during the filming… 'We still broke three filming cars to them, the film didn't interest us too much, all we wanted to do was mess around. And de Funès hated us! I tell you frankly, and we paid him back!', launched the host in Can't wait for Sunday .

Patrice Laffont: his p cute bones

The famous presenter with overflowing energy is also a foodie. 'Swollen' by the new kitchen, reports France 3 , Patrice Laffont likes recipes and real local products. His specialties? Shepherd's pie and Savoyard fondue!

Lyricist for Michel Sardou

Before embarking on television, Patrice Laffont was lyricist for... Michel Sardou . It was in the 1960s, at Cours Furet, that the two men became friends, and Patrice wrote a few titles for his friend, including Madras . 'Michel came to the Furet lessons with Michel Fugain and since I was a star of the lesson, I had to show them a scene. That's how I ended up writing the first ten songs of Sardou and Fugain got some composed the music. But I quickly quit, because I didn't take the craft of being a lyricist seriously. I should have…', he revealed to Parisian.