Pasteurdon 2022: what is it, date, what is a donation for?

Pasteurdon is an annual operation that calls on the general public to make donations for the Institut Pasteur, a French foundation dedicated to medical research. What are the dates for the 2022 edition? Who is the godmother? How do I make a donation and deduct it from taxes?

  Pasteurdon 2022: c'est quoi, date, à quoi sert un don ?

Every year since 2006, Pasteurdon raises awareness and call for donations for biomedical research at the Institut Pasteur. How to make a donation ? What are they for ? Who is the godfather or the sponsor of the event in 2022? How to deduct your donation to Pasteurdon taxes ? Know everything.

What is Pasteurdon?

The Institut Pasteur is an international research and teaching institute, based in France, which accomplishes four major missions of general interest:

  • The research
  • teaching
  • The health of populations and individuals
  • The development of innovation and technology transfer.

Pasteurdon is conducted each year during the fall since 2006 . It's about a annual operation awareness and call for donations for' Pastor Institute, internationally renowned biomedical research center founded by Louis Pasteur in 1888.' The Institut Pasteur proudly bears the name of its founder, Louis Pasteur, and celebrates in 2022, the year of the bicentenary of his birth, the man and the scientist while promoting the values ​​he embodied. ', reports Dr. Jean-François Chambon, director of communication and scientific mediation at the Institut Pasteur. Pasteurdon is accompanied by a national advertising campaign to appeal to the generosity of the general public on the historical channels and TNT.

Dates: when is Pasteurdon in 2022?

Pasteurdon takes place from October 5 to 9, 2022 .

Who are Pasteurdon's sponsors?

Several personalities have been godfathers and godmothers of Pasteurdon. Among them: Etienne Daho, Michel Delpech, Jane Birkin, Louis Chedid, Marc Levy, Sylvie Vartan, Sandrine Kiberlain. Since 2011, Alexandra Lamy has been patron of Pasteurdon and lends its voice and image to this solidarity event. In 2019, she confided in her role as godmother and her relationship to the medical world with the Journal des Femmes Santé.

How to donate to Pasteurdon?

It is possible to make a donation:

  • on
  • by phone on 36 20 (say 'Pasteurdon'), free service
  • by check payable to Pasteurdon (to be sent to 25 rue du Dr Roux - 75015 Paris)
  • by SMS by texting 'DON' to 92 112 to donate 20 euros.
  • On smartphone, with Kwixo, the application that doubles your donation: 1 euro donated + 1 euro donated by Kwixo = 2 euros for the Institut Pasteur

Also share the information on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with the hashtags #Pasteurdon and #MetsTaBlouse

What are Pasteurdon donations used for?

Donations made during Pasteurdon are used to finance biomedical research at the Institut Pasteur. Among the research work of the Institut Pasteur:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Cancers
  • Genetic diseases
  • autism
  • Emerging diseases...

Where to declare your donation to Pasteurdon for taxes?

The Institute being a recognized public utility foundation, each of which is the subject of a tax deduction . Individuals benefit from a tax reduction equal to 66% of the donation amount within the limit of 20% of their taxable income. For example, if your donation is 100 euros , your tax deduction is 66 euros and therefore your donation actually costs you 34 euros. Once the donation has been made, the Institut Pasteur will send you your tax receipt, which will allow you to declare your donation to the tax authorities.

  • As part of a one-time donation , your tax receipt will be sent to you by email or by post. It is also available in your donor space .
  • As part of a regular direct debit donation , an annual tax receipt is sent to you in the 1st quarter of the following year for your tax return.

Then enter the total amount of your annual donations for the benefit of the Institut Pasteur, or all the associations you support, in the UF class during your statement income tax.