Passe-Partout, in a relationship with Passe-Muraille's mother-in-law: 'It's family!'

Did you know that Passe-Partout was in a relationship with... Passe-Muraille's mother-in-law? The actor of “Fort Boyard” confided in his crazy meeting with his sweetheart and revealed his salary on the show, with Jordan De Luxe …

  Passe-Partout, in a relationship with Passe-Muraille's mother-in-law: 'C'est familial !"

Thanks to Fort Boyard , Master key found love! On the set of the show At Jordan's, André Bouchet , of his real name, revealed that his spouse was none other than… the Passe-Muraille's mother-in-law , another famous figure in the Fort Boyard ! Passe-Partout also met the man who would become his famous colleague in 2004. ' At the time, ultimately, he wanted to meet me. He came to the association of small people to meet Passe-Partout. And immediately the contact was made well with Anthony and it went well . I said to him: 'If one day I hear that they are looking for a short person...' Precisely, in Fort Boyard they were looking for one and I offered him to the production. And then there it is, it went like this “, he said in front of Jordan De Luxe.

Passe-Partout, in a relationship with the mother-in-law of Passe-Muraille

The two actors of Fort Boyard quickly became good friends, to the point of rubbing shoulders outside of work. One day, while Passe-Partout was going to Passe-Muraille's apartment, he met the eyes... of the woman of his life! ' Driving in front, I see a pretty blonde on the balcony. He tells me it's his wife's mom . That's where I met her. At the end of the day, he is going out with the girl and I am with the girl's mother. It's family “, joked André Bouchet, in a relationship for more than twelve years with the mother-in-law of Passe-Muraille, named Patricia .

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Passe-Muraille: how he met his girlfriend

Anthony Laborde, alias Passe-Muraille, has also met the chosen one of his heart, Gaelle , thanks to Fort Boyard . ' I was signing with my friends from the Fort. At these events there are always women who give their phone number. And there, there is a girl who has arrived, we looked at each other and it was love at first sight. It was the first time this had happened to me. And there, it was I who gave him my address “, he confided on the set of the show It's a story .

Passe-Partout: his salary in Fort Boyard

Passe-Partout also confided in Jordan De Luxe on his salary in Fort Boyard . For each show toured, the 55-year-old actor touch 300 euros , with about ten episodes filmed during the year. But to these 3000 euros per year, are added about 2000 euros monthly. Because before playing a fictional character for the show, André Bouchet is above all RATP agent on line 1 of the Paris metro . ' I am in my counter the rest of the year and I also do islanding in the metro, I check the installations. I want this job, it's a security “, he confided to the Figaro . A daily routine that Passe-Partout never tires of...