Parents mobilize for Ava, born without ears

A pretty 6-month-old girl, Ava can only hear through a device placed on her forehead because she was born without ears and without an ear canal. Her parents are mobilizing so that she can be operated on in the United States. But the surgery costs 100,000 euros and they are counting on the kitty they launched to finance it.

 Parents mobilize for Ava, born without ears

Ava is a pretty little girl born on March 25 in Alençon in the Orne. Smiling and awake, she looks like all babies of her age. With the difference that she was born without ears and without an auditory canal. because she suffers from a malformation called microtia (deformation of the pavilion) and atresia (absence of auditory canal and eardrum), a pathology which affects one in 15,000 children in France. Ava does not have ears but instead has a small protuberance and perceives sounds as if she had noise canceling headphones on her ears. Currently, she can hear thanks to a device placed on the top of her forehead. ' It picks up sounds and transmits them to Ava through bone vibration ', says Jérémy Coulbault, his dad at West France . But with his companion Charlotte Corvasier, they have only one wish: that their little girl can hear like other children.

Armed with their own courage and carried by his infinite love for their child, Jérémy Coulbault Charlotte Corvasier, therefore undertook research, and thanks to the wise advice of parents facing the same problem, they contacted Dr. John Reinisch in Los Angeles. , who developed an ear reconstruction technique and Dr. Robertson, who practices canaloplasty, a surgical intervention which involves restoring the ear canal. Only problem and it is significant: these two operations are very expensive, namely 100,000 euros for each ear, or 200,000 euros in all. Unable to raise such a sum, the couple created the association, 'An incredible chance for Ava', and launched a jackpot.

To date, the kitty has made it possible to collect a nice sum but the road is still long. Jérémy Coulbault and Charlotte Corvasier are therefore still appealing to the generosity of the public so that Ava has ' ears like other children and above all hear without hearing aid (so that she can live her) life as a child without mockery and without constraints. '