Parents Abandon Their Baby At The They Don't Miss Their Flight! Employees 'in shock' - VIDEO

Rather than miss their plane, a couple preferred to abandon their baby, for whom they had not purchased a ticket, at the check-in counter at Ben Gurion airport in Israel, reports The Times of Israel. The man and his companion, of Belgian nationality, were arrested by the police.

  Parents abandon their babies'aéroport... pour ne pas rater leur vol ! Les employés "sous le choc" - VIDEO

It was left on the check-in counter like trash. According to the Israel Airports Authority, which reported the case to local media, Couple who failed to purchase infant ticket abandon child at check-in counter at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv , before attempting to board a plane to leave the country.

Parents abandon their they don't miss their plane!

Belgian nationals, the parents, who were to fly to Brussels on January 31, had arrived late at the airport, which is southeast of Tel Aviv, reports the Times of Israël . While the check-in counters were closed and they were missing a ticket for their child, they obviously did not prefer to delay their departure or find a peaceful solution. The man and woman instead rushed through the security gates to try to catch their flight, operated by Ryanair, leaving their baby boy behind in his cozy . A video showing airport employees stunned when they discovered the child lying on the counter, under his blanket, was published on the Web and widely shocked Internet users.

The couple arrested by the police, the employees in shock

Intercepted by airport staff, the couple were summoned to return for her child . Alerted at the same time, the police also quickly intervened to arrest the parents and question them. It is not known what the outcome of this interrogation was and whether the couple and their child eventually returned to Brussels. Ryanair staff at the airport said in a statement that ' all the employees were in shock . We have never seen anything like it. We couldn't believe our eyes' , Israeli Channel 12 reported.