Parcoursup: March 9, last day to add wishes

High school students in Terminale must have added all their training wishes on Parcoursup until Thursday, March 9. The next step will take place in April. Here is the Parcoursup calendar with all the dates to remember and our advice to put all your chances on your side.

  Parcoursup: March 9, last day to add wishes

This Thursday, March 9 at 11:59 p.m. Paris time marks the end of entering training wishes on Parcoursup. This means that future baccalaureate holders and students who are in reorientation have until this date to choose and add their wishes and sub-wishes regarding their higher education. After which they will no longer be able to change their choices. There next stage of Parcoursup takes place in April . The students will have to complete their application , finish completing it and confirm their formation wishes for April 6.

What are the dates of the Parcoursup stages?

The Parcoursup procedure takes place in several stages, according to a very precise timetable. Several dates are therefore to be remembered by the students at the risk of seeing their wishes proposed to others, here they are:

  • Thursday, March 9, 2023: deadline for making wishes
  • Thursday, April 6, 2023: deadline to complete your file and confirm your wishes
  • Thursday 1 is June 2023 : launch of the main admission phase (training responses for each wish made)
  • Thursday, June 15 until July 13, 2023: launch of the complementary phase

How to validate your wishes on Parcoursup?

To validate your wishes on Parcoursup, this happens in the online candidate space. In the 'My dashboard' tab, the student must click on the 'My wishes' sub-tab. From there, the candidate has access to all the wishes he has made beforehand. To confirm them, he must simply click on the 'Confirm' box which is in a red box. For each wish, the candidate must take this action.

How many wishes can you make on Parcoursup?

On Parcoursup, the The candidate can make up to 10 wishes for selective or non-selective training (excluding apprenticeship), and a maximum of 20 sub-wishes. In the case of a positive answer to two wishes, he will have to renounce one of them. The sub-wishes can be formulated for certain formations in particular the BTS , preparatory classes, IFSI, engineering and business/management schools. Note that for IFSI, institutes in orthoptics, speech therapy and hearing aids, candidates are limited to 5 wishes per type of training. About the apprenticeship training, the candidate can make up to 10 wishes . They are visible in a separate list.

What's new at Parcoursup in 2023?

In 2023, the Parcoursup platform is evolving. The online search engine has been redesigned . 'The new ergonomics allow candidates and families to quickly identify essential information', says the Ministry of Higher Education. Now too, each training has its own presentation sheet with all the useful information for candidates and their families: dates of open days, cost of training, criteria for examining applications, professional opportunities, etc.

The other big novelty concerns the phase d'admission. On the platform, a new section 'Understanding the criteria for analyzing applications' appears, which allows candidates to know what criteria are in place in the training courses to accept or not a file.

Key figures on 2022 admission will also be communicated, as well as insertion data for most BTS and additional mentions. For those who wish to orient themselves in IFSI (Nursing Training Institutes), a self-positioning questionnaire to assess candidate motivation is available in the section dedicated to IFSI. These new features are useful for candidates to better refine their study project and guide them in their choice.

Finally, another major change: all public schools of art and design , which prepare for the national art diploma, are now available on the Parcoursup platform.

What elements count in the Parcoursup file?

To be admitted to the desired training, several elements provided by the candidate in his file are taken into account. The review boards look in particular at the school reports And the grades obtained during the first year and those of the 1st and 2nd term of the final year as well as the specialty exams baccalaureate which take place on Monday 20, Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 March 2023. In addition, the motivated training project is also analysed, just like the additional documents which are requested by certain training courses and the section ' Activities and interests ' in the candidate file.

How to write a cover letter for Parcoursup?

Usually to justify his training wishes, the candidate must accompany his application with a cover letter , which will be integrated into the motivated training project. This letter should be short and concise. The candidate must explain what his motivations are and why this training more than any other interests him. He must also present his qualities and say why his profile corresponds to the training. here is a example of cover letter for Parcoursup :

After the Bac, I would like to move towards this XX job by integrating your XX training.
I am passionate about literature, I was a member of the book club and the newspaper of my high school for X years, I even took a writing course during the School vacation . These experiences allowed me to sharpen my pen and develop my knowledge of the different literary currents, the authors and autrices.
Your training is recognized for
(show them that you know the establishment and what they offer editor's note) . During a student fair, I was able to speak with one of the representatives of your institution (quote his name) who encouraged me to follow this course in particular. I'm particularly interested in it because (justify your choice).
I am determined to train myself, and to discover new skills and knowledge in this field.'

Who is affected by Parcoursup?

Registration for Parcoursup is reserved for high school students , apprentices and students in reorientation who want to continue their studies in public higher education . Non-European foreign students can also have access to it, if they have made a preliminary admission request (DAP) and if they want to take a selective course.

How are acceptances made on Parcoursup?

Once your file has been submitted on Parcoursup, it is available to the desired sector or establishment. After submitting the file, which takes place during March-April, the establishment committees meet between April and May to rule on the various files proposed to them . They look at all the elements of the candidate file. The 'bonus points' are not to be neglected, because in the event of equivalent school records, additional activities (travel, sport, commitment, etc.) will be a selection criterion.

How do I respond to admissions proposals?

Note that you may receive one or more admission proposals, at the same time or on different dates, but that you can only accept one at a time. You may receive 4 types of training responses:

A 'Yes' which corresponds to a proposal for admission. You will then only have to validate this choice while waiting a few hours, because at the very beginning of the admission phase, the Parcoursup platform will be in 'consultation' mode only

A ' If yes (for a license wish)' which corresponds to an admission proposal accompanied, if you accept it, by a support system to strengthen your skills

A 'in waiting list' which means that you are on the waiting list which evolves according to the places that become available. This is the most frequent situation for the majority of candidates on Parcoursup on the first day of the results. If you are, check your place on the waiting list: if you are at the top of this list, you should receive an offer of admission a few days later after the withdrawal of other candidates higher than you. On the other hand, if you are in the middle or even at the bottom of this waiting list, don't get your hopes up too high and consider accepting an offer of admission on another wish - if you have any. If you're on the waiting list for all your wishes, don't panic and give yourself a few days to check how your ranking is changing as other candidates withdraw.

A ' Non (only for a wish in selective training)' which means that the committee for examining the wishes of the training has not accepted your file. You must then wait for the additional phase of Parcoursup.

You generally have a few days to definitively validate your admission in the event of a positive response. . If you only get negative responses from selective training (BTS, BUT, IFSI, etc.), you can request support in your establishment or at the Information and Orientation Center (CIO) to prepare for the phase. additoinal.

What is the complementary phase?

L he complementary phase takes place from June 15 to July 13, 2023. It allows students who have only obtained negative answers or who have failed to register to apply for courses that still offer places, with the same rules as the previous procedure, but in an accelerated way.

What is the role of CAES?

Candidates who have been refused or who were waiting on Parcoursup, can ask for help from the commission for access to higher education (CAES). There is one in each academy, led by the rector. On a mission? ' Assist applicants who have not received an admissions proposal and who wish to enter higher education to find training as close as possible to their project and according to the places available. The request is made directly from the candidate's Parcoursup file, by clicking on 'I request the CAES'. If you are one of those who got only negative answers, be sure to complete the 'Preferences and other projects' section. by widening your orientation wishes as much as possible in order to help the commission. It will study your file and may rely on the information you have provided in this section. Namely that CAES support continues even beyond the end of the Parcoursup procedure.

What are the options for latecomers?

Find work-study training

Until September, it is possible to find work-study training. On Parcours, you can make your choices and make your wishes for apprenticeship training, until mid-September. As with the other courses, you can make up to 10 wishes.

Find training outside of Parcoursup

If you don't want to go through the Parcoursup platform, you can very well go to other schools, most of them private, which offer multiple training courses (BTS, prepas, bachelor's, etc.) and organize their own registrations. There are many sectors. This is the case of business schools, engineering schools, art schools, schools specializing in real estate or IT and even certain selective licenses. Check on the Internet or directly with these establishments to find out if there are still places available to register.

My Masters: Another Platform for Making Wishes

To respond to the problem of students without universities, a new registration platform for the first year of the master's degree has been open since February 1, 2023. The idea with this new project, called 'My Master', is to 'fluidify' access to master's courses which are often very coveted.

From March 22 to April 18, students will be able to register and submit their applications. Each candidate will be able to make 15 wishes for masters and 15 others for work-study or apprenticeship training. And unlike Parcoursup, a single file will be requested to apply. More information on the site .