Pain au chocolat or chocolatine? Science has decided!

Here's a debate that starts with breakfast: So, are you more chocolatine or pain au chocolat? Science has decided.

 Pain au chocolat or chocolatine? Science has decided!

Pain au chocolat or chocolatine? This is a long-standing debate that divides the South West of France with the rest of the country. A question that ignites social networks, so much so that there are several Facebook accounts, such as the Committee for the defense of chocolate , a humorous way of ensuring the importance and honor of the term coming from the South. But to end the debate, a scientific found a way to settle the matter.

Science puts an end to the debate

Mathieu Avanzi, linguist specialist in regional French at the Catholic University of Louvain, has drawn up a map of France in which each region is associated with the expression most used by the inhabitants. For this, he made a survey of thousands of French people . The result leaves no doubt, 'pain au chocolat' comes out big winner of this study and is mainly used in France.

This menu also reveals other terms used to designate this viennoiserie which generates so much debate. In Hauts-de-France and the Grand Est, it is called ' chocolate croissant ', still in the Great East, it is also known as ' chocolate croissant ' and in the Ardennes, the most common expression is ' chocolate cake '.

Despite the crushing defeat of 'chocolatine' in the face of 'pain au chocolat', linguists agree that the many debates helped to make the term known in other regions. Although its use is limited to great south-west .