Oxfam launches an eco-responsible fashion challenge in September

While fast fashion and the frantic pace of consumption it induces terribly pollute the planet, Oxfam is launching a challenge to fashionistas on social networks with the #secondhandseptember. Head to the thrift stores!

  Oxfam launches an eco-responsible fashion challenge in September

On a T-shirt sold at €29 and made in Bangladesh, only €0.18 goes to the person who made it, i.e. 0.6% of the selling price according to the 'association Oxfam . In cause, the pressure of the fast fashion , who is increasingly strong on the working conditions of subcontractors, but also on the environment. This is why Oxfam decided to react by launching the challenge #secondhandseptember . The principle ? Dress only in second hand this month and share our looks on the networks. And to show that, yes, it is possible, several influencers participate in the challenge. Among them: Victoria from Mango & Salt, Alias ​​Louise, Lucy from We Glow Green, Margaux from Transition Green, Sarah Sorgel, Céline d'Iznowgood and Nawal Bonnefoy. First launched by Oxfam in England, the challenge quickly went viral, with more than 150,000 hits on Instagram since its launch. So get on board and get your #s out to make this French edition a success!

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On the program for this edition, a live every Monday with special guests , partners and influencers, a literary evening in the Mezzanine XVIII th Parisian arrondissement on September 15, at the Mezzanine, a festival in Lille and a evening in Paris at the end of September; a capsule collection of the brand Seep , created from clothes collected from Oxfam thrift stores and quizzes with luxury second-hand prizes up for grabs.

The Oxfam association is all year round

Almost 75 years ago, the first Oxfam store opened in Oxford. Its objective: to act against global inequalities and poverty. Since then, the association has opened numerous bookstores or second-hand clothes the sale of which finances solidarity actions. Oxfam has also been denouncing since 2017 the practices of brands that keep women workers in the textile industry in situations of poverty. And participates in particular in the Fashion Revolution Week , a movement launched in 2013 after the collapse of the Rana Plaza textile factory in Bangladesh. To support the association, go to their solidarity shops for a shopping session or to drop off your clothes or books in good condition.

Addresses of Oxfam solidarity stores in Lille, Paris and Strasbourg:

  • Bouquinerie de Lille - 19 ter, rue de l'Hôpital militaire, 59000 Lille
  • Thrift store and sale of decorative items in Lille - 19, rue de l'Hôpital Militaire
  • Le Dressing d'Oxfam – 62 bis, avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris
  • Bouquinerie of the XI th – 8, rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris
  • Books XIV th - 61, rue Daguerre, 75014 Paris
  • Strasbourg bookstore and thrift store - 5-7, rue de la Division Leclerc, 67000 Strasbourg

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