Ox, your horoscope for June 2023

What does June 2023 hold for Ox people? The answer with the wise advice of our Chinese horoscope, from love to health through an opinion to ponder...

 Ox, your horoscope for June 2023

Love & Dating

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Your life together will have a good chance of taking a new and better direction. The star That Sat will give you the opportunity to express yourself more and to make your spouse better understand the depth of your feelings towards him. Single, this aspect of the star Thai Phu will increase your need for emotional security tenfold. You won't find many advantages to the merry solitary life anymore. With the help of planet Thien Dong, it will work very hard for you on the heart side. This time you can make an important decision about your romantic destiny.

Money & work

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The project that is most important to you should see the light of day. And not by chance! You will spare no effort to achieve your goals, making many contacts to present your creations. This time, if your financial situation is healthy and if you avoid taking foolish risks, you will have nothing really annoying to worry about. But if your budget is unbalanced, it will be time to become more reasonable, otherwise you will have unpleasant surprises.

Health & Fitness

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With the friendly star Thien Khong dominating your health sector, you will have nothing to fear. If you are coming out of a fragile period, Thien Khong thus placed will help you quickly regain good health. If you suffer from a chronic disease, this favorable star should allow you an improvement, no doubt you will find a better adapted treatment. For the other natives, the period will be uneventful on the physical level.

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astro advice

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You will have to try to balance your thoughts and actions. Do not try to carry out titanic projects, those which obviously exceed your forces. Your exaggerated ambition may prevent you from seeing reality with all the necessary objectivity, and your judgments will be distorted. Know that 'when the wings grow to the ant, it is for its loss' (Arabic proverb). Do not revolt all the time if the situations do not evolve in the direction you want. You have to know how to resign yourself to what is inevitable in order to keep your serenity and your strength. 'Do not ask that what happens, happen as you want. But want things to happen as they happen, and you will be happy' (Epictetus).

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