Omar Sy married to Hélène: superb PHOTO for his wife's birthday

On the occasion of the birthday of his wife Hélène, the popular actor Omar Sy posted on his Instagram account the most beautiful declaration of love. And a wonderful photo with his sweetheart as a bonus.

  Omar Sy married to Hélène: superb PHOTO for the'anniversaire de sa femme

Ah love... If Omar Sy is much more talkative when it comes to talking about cinema or a career in an interview, it sometimes happens to him to lift the veil a little on his intimate life, on social networks. He proved it again with a few words addressed to his wife Hélène on Instagram for a great occasion.

Omar Sy, his crisp declaration of love

This Thursday, October 6, 2022, while Hélène Sy was celebrating her 43 and birthday, Omar's soul mate was able to discover the most beautiful and tender declaration of love on Instagram. To celebrate this very special day, the actor of Untouchables shared with the 2.7 million followers of his Instagram account a beautiful black and white photo where we can see the couple embracing. In caption of this tender shot, the Lupin from Netflix wrote: ' Happy birthday to the love of my Life. My ass. My best friend. Biggest & beautiful heart I know. Long life to you, I wish you as much happiness as what you bring to others… I love you @mynameishelenesy. '

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Hélène Sy reacts

Hélène's response was not long in coming, the wife of Omar Sy, with whom she had 5 children, in turn posted a message on Instagram. Particularly touched by the love shown to her by her husband, her children and her loved ones, the one who celebrated her 43rd spring sent them a long message of thanks . ' I wanted to take advantage of this new age that I am reaching today to write here the special, deep, limitless gratitude that I feel for my children, tolerant, valiant, curious, loving, who are always moving forward. For the man in my life, an ardent defender of the imagination, who works every day to make room for dreams in reality and who thus constantly widens the field of possibilities. I love them with an infinite love, which I hope is equal to that with which they cover me without fail. And I celebrate them every day in silence because they never flinched, when the opportunities never failed. Thank you to life for giving us these existences that are out of the ordinary... ' she wrote on her account.

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Omar and Hélène Sy, a love story that goes back in time

Since their meeting 24 years ago, Omar and Hélène Sy have been spinning the perfect love. ' We met through an artist friend who lived with me, in an apartment in Buttes-Chaumont. Omar and she were high school friends. (…) They had an appointment, but she was not there, so it was I who welcomed her “, she confided to the magazine She in August 2015. If the lovebirds have been together for a long time, it was not until 2007, after ten years of living together, that they finally said yes to life. Together, they are at the head of a happy little tribe since the young woman has given birth to five children , three girls and two boys named Selly, Sabah, Tidiane, Alhadji and Amani-Nour. A little girl who lives between Los Angeles and Paris.