Olivier Véran caught in a controversy: Amazon a little too nice with the minister?

Barely released, the latest book by Olivier Véran, entitled 'Beyond the waves', is already controversial. And for good reason: after the deletion of several negative reviews on Amazon, Internet users accuse the company of 'making propaganda'.

  Olivier Véran caught in a controversy: Amazon a little too nice with the minister?

Olivier Véran should obviously have waited a little longer before publishing a book on the management of the Covid-19 crisis in France. Because if the media were waiting for it at the turn, this is also the case for netizens who are numerous to denounce a 'propaganda' in favor of the former Minister of Health from the giant of e-commerce Amazon . In fact, they found that many negative comments about Beyond the Waves, Journal of Crisis at the Heart of Power , Oliver Véran's book published on September 8 by Robert Lafont editions, had been deleted . Worse still, they noticed that since last September 12 no new comments can be added about this same book. Supporting screenshots.

Amazon persists and signs

As you can imagine, it was enough to ignite Twitter where users are indignant en masse, even going so far as to denounce a deliberate rigging on the part of Amazon . Contacted by several French media, the online sales platform was clear on the subject: yes, she did delete reviews on Olivier Véran's book. But according to the company's spokesperson, these went against the charter of the site . 'We have strict review policies and proactively remove reviews that violate these guidelines, in an effort to ensure the best possible shopping experience' , he detailed.

Joined by CheckNews , the service of fact checking of Release , Amazon later admitted to having 'removed reviews that did not follow community guidelines' and have 'made the decision to only allow 'Verified Purchase on Amazon' reviews' . The brand then explained its decision by pointing to a 'unusual activity' on the page of the current government spokesman's book. She then asked users not to post a review. 'under multiple accounts' .

Olivier Véran taxed with 'merchant of fear' on Amazon

This Tuesday, September 13, 2022, only six comments still appear on the site, and we still cannot give our opinion on the question in the 'comments' section. . On the other hand, several negative viewpoints were left for all to see. Contacted by the information site 20 Minutes , Amazon has indeed stated that the comments had not been deleted on 'the basis of the number of stars awarded or whether they are positive or negative' . Only those who insulted the politician by calling him, for example, 'poor minister' , d' 'crook sold to the Macron government for 3 cents' or even of 'merchant of fear' were masked.

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