Olivier Giroud: Wife, family, religion, salary, tattoos, rivalry (or not?) with Benzema...

Olivier Giroud entered football legend with his double in the France-Australia match on November 22. While many believed him to be on the ground, the athlete has proven his talent and is off to a strong start for this 2022 World Cup. What do you know about the Blues striker? Find out his age, his wife, his family, his religion, his tattoos, his salary...

  Olivier Giroud: Wife, family, religion, salary, tattoos, rivalry (or not?) with Benzema...

Olivier Giroud is the new hero of this start of the World Cup. At 36, the striker of the Blues proves that he has lost none of his superb, while some criticized him for not having hung up his crampons yet. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, he equaled Thierry Henry's record by scoring his 51st goal for the France team, during the match against Australia on November 22. Here's what you need to know about the footballer who became a legend ...

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What are the origins of Olivier Giroud?

Olivier Giroud, born in Chambéry, is the son of Denis Giroud, of origins French and Italian , just like his mother, Viviane Arnaud-Goddet. He has a sister, Bérangère, and two brothers, Bertrand and Romain. ' I grew up in a big family (...) I was cherished as the youngest, I had the chance to be pampered by my brothers and sisters “, confided to the microphone of France Inter the former Chelsea striker, who almost never came into the world! ' I arrived a bit unexpectedly because I was not expected, it's a bit of an accident as my mother explained to me ', he added.

Who is Olivier Giroud's wife?

Olivier Giroud is married to Jennifer Giroud since 2011, whom he had met as a teenager. Very discreet, his 35-year-old wife had however been splashed by the scandal in the face of the alleged infidelity of her husband. In 2014, the tabloid The Sun posted photos of the former Chelsea player wearing nothing but boxers with a woman named Celia Kay. At the time, the footballer made his mea culpa in a statement: ' I apologize to my wife (…) I now have to fight for my family and for my club, to obtain their forgiveness. Nothing else matters “. However, he had clarified that he had not gone as far as adultery with Celia Kay.

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Does Olivier Giroud have children?

Olivier and Jennifer Giroud gave birth to their first child in 2013, a baby girl named Exit . Then they hosted a small Evan in 2016, Aaron , which was launched in 2018, and Air , born in 2020.

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Are Olivier Giroud and Karim Benzema rivals?

Among Olivier Giroud and Karim Benzema , who both have very different profiles, the rag has been burning for some time. ' When you are pro-Benzema, you are almost automatically anti-Giroud “, assured Pierre Ménès in the documentary Olivier Giroud, the unloved , on the L'Équipe channel. In 2020, the Real Madrid striker said of Olivier Giroud: ' We don't confuse F1 and karting, and I'm nice (…) Who is karting? I know that I am F1' . However, the AC Milan striker had calmed the heat, a little later, by assuring the microphone of RMC Sport: ' This supposed rivalry with Karim was created from scratch by certain people '.

What is Olivier Giroud's religion?

The AC Milan striker is evangelical confession and does not hide his faith. After appearing on the cover of Jesus magazine in 2019, he gave an interview to The cross . ' I share an exchange with Jesus every day, it allows me to start my day well. Sometimes I pray in the middle of a game (...) It does me good to refocus, to focus on the essentials. Talking to him allows me to clear my mind. It only lasts a few seconds, but it helps me vent my frustration “, he confided to L'Equipe magazine .

Does Olivier Giroud have any tattoos?

Olivier Giroud to a tribal tattoo on the left arm and another on the right . It's about a inscription in latin :' The Lord rules over me and I lack nothing '. This sentence is the first verse of Psalm 23 and is translated as: ' The Lord is my shepherd, I will lack nothing '. About his tattoo, the footballer had entrusted to L'Equipe magazine :' I grew up with Christian values ​​and always felt safe living by them. These words engraved on my arm reassure me, I know that if I need anything, any help, I can pray '. The footballer also has a small pattern tattooed on the leg.

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What is Olivier Giroud's salary?

As AC Milan holder, Olivier Giroud gagne environ 292,000 euros per month, or 3.5 million euros per year . When he was a striker at Chelsea, his salary stood at 6.5 million euros per year.

When does Olivier Giroud plan to retire?

A 36 ans, Olivier Giroud playing his 3rd World Cup in 2022 and is in contract with AC Milan until June 2023. And the footballer does not intend to stop there. ' The most important thing is to keep the motivation to play at the highest level. It's very demanding, but as long as my body follows, then I will play. Milan will be my last challenge in Europe, and then we'll see (...) I want to play another 3.4 years “, he had declared in 2021 to Tribal Football .

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