October 2022 horoscope: will your sign be favored in love?

Couple life in good shape, romantic encounter, seduction in the air... On the heart side, how will this first month of autumn go? Discover all the astrological forecasts for your sign for October 2022.

  October 2022 horoscope: will your sign be favored in love?

Aries: not immune to a thunderbolt

If you are single, this month of October suggests great prospects. Cupid is on the prowl and we will have to take advantage of it. A thunderbolt is perfectly possible . It will be more complicated if you live as a couple. Reproaches will be made to you and you will have a hard time hearing them. If you refuse to question yourself, you will run straight into the wall. On the other hand, by accepting to take these grievances into consideration, you will succeed in cleaning up the situation. The ball will be in your court. Read more from Aries October Horoscope .

Taurus: in full doubt

For people in a relationship, special attention will have to be paid to communication, sharing and transparency. Conflicts will arise. Also doubts. Romantic relationships will not be privileged during this month of October , except for people with a Pisces ascendant. On the other hand, if you are single, there will be nice surprises even if the great love will still have to wait. But you'll be taking the fun where it comes. And you'll be right! Read more from Taurus October horoscope .

Gemini: tenderness and encounters

It's a month full of tenderness that awaits you in October. Your life partner will take care of you and you will be grateful to them. You will go hand in hand whether there are difficulties or not. If you are single, you will also be protected. Cupid will not be stingy with opportunities and you will know how to seize them. A beautiful meeting should illuminate this autumn period. Note that Aries and Gemini ascendants will be a little less spoiled by the stars. Read more from Gemini October horoscope .

Cancer: a flamboyant autumn

If you are single, you should be seduced by a stranger during this month of October. Especially from the second week. You will literally be charmed. Rest assured, reciprocity will be respected. A beautiful story is about to be written. If you are in a relationship, the magic will always work. You and your partner will know maintain the flame in this autumn period . It will also be an opportunity to get lost under the duvet at the slightest opportunity. Cupid, an attentive spectator, can only applaud and congratulate himself. Read more from Cancer October monthly horoscope .

Leo: looking good

If you are looking for love, your quest is likely to end this October. All the stars converge on this sentimental success. It is not excluded that you engage with a person by deciding not to live under the same roof. Perhaps this is the key to happiness... If you live as a couple, you will share languorous and tender moments with your partner, full of complicity. You will consider two-way projects . Maybe a trip to the sun during winter vacation? Read more from Leo October monthly horoscope .

Virgo: be careful if you are in a relationship

If you are in a relationship, it is possible that you will go through, during this month of October, relationship difficulties . A rupture cannot be ruled out. But the latter, if it takes place, will be experienced, in fact, as a relief. A bad for a good. If your heart is to be taken, there is a good chance that it will find an owner or at least a tenant. With a substantial lease. Indeed, beautiful encounters await you. You may even have to choose between several suitors. That's a luxury rare enough to underline! Read more from virgo october horoscope .

Libra: deadlocked at the start of the month

If you are in a relationship, you will question your feelings. A little lost, a little disoriented, you will wonder if your relationship should continue or end. Unable to decide, you will tend to shut yourself up in a silence that will lead you to a dead end. A mid-october event will allow you to see more clearly and to progress the situation in all serenity. If you are single, opportunities will arise. However, you will have to accept to question yourself in order to achieve them. Read more about libra october horoscope .

Scorpio: change within your couple

You will look to your partner for a confidant, a friend, a shoulder. This is hardly like you! You will indeed feel the need to speak, to be listened to or even advised. You will therefore put aside, during this month of October, your sensual impulses which are generally your trademark. This change will pleasantly surprise your partner . If you are single, there too, you will favor, through your seduction, a more intellectual stimulation. Which could very well turn out to be constructive. Read more about scorpio october horoscope .

Sagittarius: need to see more clearly

If you are single, you will question your ability to seduce and will want to reinvent yourself. It is not excluded that you turn to a professional, a seduction coach , to guide you in this area. If you are in a relationship, you will analyze your current situation in a desire to break with the routine, the monotony of everyday life. Your findings will surprise you. There is a risk of some extremely surprising but always life-saving upheaval. Above all, there is no going back. Read more about sagittarius october horoscope .

Capricorn: flat calm

This month of October, in the sentimental domain, will not bring nothing very exciting . Very invested in your work, you will not be very available for your life as a couple. You should therefore not be surprised if your partner multiplies outdoor outings with his friends rather than waiting for you quietly at home. If you are single, you should not count on this period to change your sentimental situation. Unless your ascendant is Sagittarius or Aquarius. Indeed, for the latter, Cupid will be rather active and generous. Read more about Capricorn October Horoscope .

Aquarius: the stars not really in your favor

If you are in a relationship, you will be plagued by doubt. Doubt about your real feelings, doubt about those of your partner, doubt about the viability of your relationship. But this state will fluctuate and you will be able to think the exact opposite a few days later! Why this cyclothymic behavior ? That will be up to you to answer. If you are single, the stars are not favorable to beautiful love stories. We must not have too many illusions during this month of October. By the way, is this your priority right now? Read more about Aquarius October Horoscope .

Pisces: be honest

If you are in a relationship, you will lack enthusiasm in your home . Well aware of the problem, you will try to remedy it but without real success. Don't act out, be yourself and let your partner know your state of mind. This will prevent him from imagining everything and anything. If you are single, you will be able to seduce but as soon as you have consumed you will be seized with remorse and regret. You will always feel like you can do better elsewhere. Be careful not to hurt your conquests, however ephemeral they may be… Read more Pisces October horoscope .

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