Nolwenn Leroy: who is her father, ex-professional footballer, with whom she is cold?

Nolwenn Leroy has never really hidden it: she no longer speaks to her father, former footballer Jean-Luc Le Magueresse. And even the motherhood of the singer did not bring them together…

  Nolwenn Leroy: who is her father, ex-professional footballer, with whom she is cold?

It's not really a secret: the relationship between the winner of the second season of telecrochet TF1 Star Academy and his footballer father are not looking good . And that's the least we can say since father and daughter no longer speak to each other. Moreover, the interpreter of Tri Martolod ne s'en cache pas. In an interview given to Magazine S of Sophie Davant last March, she even made some confidences on this subject .

Nolwenn Leroy: 'I have never sought the gaze of the father throughout my life as a woman'

Raised by a single mother in a women's home, Nolwenn Leroy seems to be very angry with his father, Jean-Luc Le Magueresse. Besides, it is indeed the name of her mother that she bears, in the city as on the stage . ' I never sought the gaze of the father through my life as a woman . I have never sought to realize myself through the eyes of a man. My companion does not come to fill my gaps, he is there and supports me, as I do on my side for him' , said the singer.

She also returned to her happy childhood spent mostly alongside women. 'At home, it was the women's house. My great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and I lived under the same roof (...) there was also my uncle and my grandfather all the same !' .

Nolwenn Leroy's parents divorced when she was 11 , forcing him to leave his native Brittany for Auvergne and take refuge in music, starting with the violin. “My mother had, after brilliant studies, given up a career to follow my father. A great classic. When they broke up, she was left with nothing ' , she explained in the columns of the magazine S.

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Jean-Luc Le Magueresse, father of Nolwenn Leroy, former professional footballer

And if Nolwenn Leroy speaks very little about his father and their complicated relationship, he is not unknown to the battalion. And for good reason, he is a former professional footballer. Jean-Luc Le Magueresse began his career at Stade Brestois , before joining RC Paris and RC Lens. And to end his career with EA Guingamp, still as a defender.

The one who shares the life of tennis player Arnaud Clément since 2008 had no plans to make a living with an athlete. ' I had sworn to myself never to fall in love with a sportsman. Well yes! ' , she had fun in the same interview.

'I did everything to make it work out', reveals the father of Nolwenn Leroy

Now a commercial at Stade Brestois, the club of his debut, Jean-Luc Le Magueresse confided in TV Star in January 2022. He notably admitted not having heard from his daughter for 15 years. ' I suffer from it every day ' , he revealed. 'I did everything to make it work. I never cut ties, never. When I read in the press that I abandoned her when she was 10, I'm really outraged. She doesn't want know nothing. I would like so much that she digests this divorce and that I can finally hold her in my arms ' .

For that, he will obviously have to take his troubles patiently. Because if the birth of Marin, the son of the singer and the tennis champion, in 2017 brought mother and daughter closer, it is not so for his father. . 'Becoming a mother myself allowed me to better understand my mother, her concerns, her anxieties' , announced Nolwenn Leroy in an interview with Gala in 2021. “You become cooler with your own parents” , she admitted. Before qualifying: 'Maternity has not changed my family pattern' .