Nils, candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

In this 11th season of the Best Pastry Chef, the young Nils intends to give everything. Competitor at heart, the candidate will not give up to win the competition.

  Nils, candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

It's in his DNA Nils wants to win! The young competitor wishes to perform in this 2022 edition of the Best Pastry Chef . How far will he go?

What is Nils' background?

A young doctoral student in finance, Nils is a great competitor. At 26, this resident of Levallois-Perret, located in the Paris region, intends to go far in the culinary competition for the Best Pastry Chef. He surely inherited this desire to win and surpass himself from his father, a former professional golfer. This sport is also one of the great passions of Nils, who practices it with his family. In addition to his career, he devotes himself a lot to pastry. He is a young man curious about everything, who loves to learn new things. An ambitious competitor, who has had victory in his sights since he was a child.

His world of pastry

Nils bakes both simple cakes such as poppy brioche or Saint-Honoré as well as more complex creations. He in turn makes a Strawberry tart in all simplicity then a red fruit pavlova inspired by Julien Dugourd. Its hazelnut chocolate is made up of a soft hazelnut biscuit, a crispy hazelnut praline, a creamy hazelnut insert and a hazelnut praline mousse. Long live the hazelnut! His Mont-Blanc inspired by Pierre Hermé has a base of sweet pastry, almond cream, blueberry jam, French meringue, whipped cream and chestnut cream. His Caramel Hazelnut Mystery includes crunchy praline and lace crepes, hazelnut dacquoise biscuit, creamy caramel and whipped vanilla ganache, all coated in roasted hazelnuts. His two lemon tart is made with a base of sweet pastry, lime confit, Menton lemon ganache and drops of lemon topping. Her apricot tart nougat also has a base of sweet dough but with almond cream, then a Montélimar nougat ganache in the center, sprinkled with pistachio chips, and apricots cut into quarters then soaked in homemade apricot coulis. And its golden peanut and chocolate tartlet with a sweet hazelnut pastry base decorated with a super soft hazelnut biscuit, gianduja ganache, peanuts, melted milk chocolate bar and edible gold. Always good products of course, and a beautiful finish! All this gives you an idea of ​​what Nils is capable of to treat you. A world of classic pastry that makes you want to discover in this 11th edition of the Best Pastry Chef.

What is Nils' Instagram for Best Pastry Chef?

Cakes and more cakes! Nils serves you his gourmet creations on a platter on his Instagram account @nils_lmp11. There are very beautiful photos of his pastries, very professional and well lit, to better highlight his achievements. Nils even publishes videos so that we can see the process, the steps before the final result. In addition to details on the composition of his cakes, he slips small anecdotes in the comments, such as the origin of the name of Paris-Brest, for the cycling race, hence the shape of a bicycle wheel. The young pastry chef also says where he found the recipe, which helps to know where to look. An inspiring account for apprentice chefs and enthusiasts of all kinds!