Nightmare in the kitchen: the restaurant 'Comme Chien & Chat' still open?

This Monday, November 21, full light on the establishment 'Comme Chien & Chat' in Cauchemar en cuisine. We reveal to you the information on this restaurant and on the broadcast of the program.

  Cauchemar en cuisine : the restaurant"Comme Chien & Chat" toujours ouvert ?

The meeting is given this Monday, November 21, 2022, at 9:10 p.m. Nightmare in the kitchen returns and Philippe Etchebest resumes service. And if there is one who will be in front of his small screen tonight, it is Jérôme Gautheret. He is the restaurateur at the head of the establishment presented on the show tonight: 'Like dog & cat'. The chef will discover the images of the filming done last september . Has his restaurant been boosted by the arrival of chef Etchebest? Is the place still open and why did the manager's entourage call on Nightmare in the kitchen? We will answer you in detail.

Is the restaurant 'Comme Chien & Chat' still open?

If in the images presented this evening, chef Philippe Etchebest will initially - as usual - taken aback by the establishment in which he goes, he will succeed in his mission. Indeed, the Tonnay-Charente restaurant is, to date, always open . In addition to continuing to serve customers, 'Like dog & cat' in full swing since Philippe Etchebest set foot there .

“Since his arrival, we have doubled the activity, details the manager Jérôme Gautheret in the newspaper South West. Sure, there's a bit of word-of-mouth because people knew he was there, but I got the pre-Covid activity back.' It must be said that in addition to numerous advice given to the team, the chef also carried out its usual establishment makeover . New menu, new kitchen equipment, new decoration to welcome customers... Everything has been put in place to attract customers in the restaurant in Charente-Maritime.

Why did this restaurant call on Cauchemar in the kitchen?

If the restaurant is now doing better, it is thanks to the contact of Jérôme Gautheret's mother with Philippe Etchebest . 'I had lost my motivation, I had more and more difficulty paying myself. I put everything on the back of the crisis but in fact, I should have questioned myself' , explains the restorer to South West . It had been three years since this former Parisian chef had bought the establishment located near Rochefort . After the Covid crisis, the customers have become increasingly rare. So once the application is sent to the production of the show, 'Comme chien & chat' is selected. The coming - with many repetitions - of the show's cameras follows 'for take pictures out of the blue '. Until D-day and the arrival of the chef , 'I understood that we were chosen but I played the game of surprise when Philippe Etchebest landed at noon' , explains Jérôme Gautheret. Chief Etchebest then pointed to problems in the kitchen and in communication between the waiter and his boss.

When will the next Kitchen Nightmare air?

No date has yet been announced for a broadcast of the show after that of the Monday, November 21, 2022 at 9:10 p.m., on M6. The most impatient viewers can already find the latest episodes , including one dated September 8, 2022 , in replay . It's ideal for organizing 'Nightmare in the kitchen' evenings thanks to the channel's platform: 6play. And for those who need the chef's help, the show is currently looking for restorers to save across the hexagon. To contact the production, go to site of the television channel.