Nicoletta is 78 years old: Dramas, 'Facelift', Coma, Hatred of Cloclo, Love of JoeyStarr, 'Young' companion...

Nicoletta, sublime Mamy Blue, celebrates her 78th birthday this April 11. Her mentally handicapped mother, the man of her life, her ex-husband, her terrible mourning, her suicide attempt...: discover the secrets of the singer with the poignant voice.

  Nicoletta is 78: Dramas,"Lifting", Coma, Haine de Cloclo, Amour de JoeyStarr, "Jeune" compagnon...

Nicoletta celebrates her 78th birthday this Monday, April 11, 2022. The singer's life has been littered with tribulations, her difficult childhood to the death of his mother passing through his attempted suicide and his divorce . But now, the interpreter of He Died The Sun lives a great happiness alongside the man of her life , Jean-Christophe Molinier. A look back at the journey of this icon of French song, who was admired by none other than... Ray Charles !

Nicoletta never knew her father

Nicoletta is born from a youthful idyll between his mother and his father during the Second World War. ' My mother was his close neighbor, they grew up together and played pee in the barns . During the war they went further and they were right since I'm there “, she told Evelyne Thomas, in Non Stop People . However, the romance was short-lived, and Nicoletta never never knew his father .

Nicoletta wanted to embrace (another) artistic career

If she hadn't been a singer, Nicoletta would still have embarked on a artistic career . Before going to Paris, the young adult did a year of studies in Lyon to become ' silk designer-composer '.' I went to Paris to be in the drawing ', she confided. Unfortunately (and fortunately for her public), Nicoletta is quickly forced to abandon this dream: ' I had no more money to eat , it's very expensive to buy special papers, paints (...) I have a nice little pencil stroke. I paint and I always draw '.

His mother, mentally handicapped

Nicoletta's mother being mentally handicapped , that's it Grandmother who raises him. Despite everything, the little girl suffered many teasing at school due to his mother's mental health. ' I was a bit of a paradox, because I was first in school, but the children didn't want to play with me. They said to me: 'Your mother is crazy' (...) Even the State authorities made me pass tests and I learned that I had a good I.Q. .”, she explained to Evelyne Thomas.

they are terribly weak

His mother dies at the age of 40. A terrible ordeal for Nicoletta, who feels guilty. ' That day, I was ashamed of myself. I still feel like I have it left to live my life ' , she explained on the show Boomerang .

sa tentative suicide

After the death of his mother , the disarray is such that the young woman attempts to commit suicide, the day after the funeral. She swallows tranquilizers in a hotel, persuaded to close her eyes forever. Fortunately, she is miraculously saved by a receptionist. ' I have almost lost his life at age 20 after a with the 8 days. And when we do a month in the hospital without any visits because I was alone in Paris and no one knows where I was' , she told Claire Chazal , in the show Passage of the Arts.

Alone and seriously hurt, Nicoletta did not give up however: ' I understood that if I hadn't left it was because I had things to do. And suddenly I took each other by the hand and I said life to both of us. I'm going to make it beautiful '.

Nicoletta had a near death experience

While on charge at the hospital, Nicoletta lay in a coma...and experienced a near-death experience . ' I had the most amazing experience of my life. I saw myself glued to the ceiling of the room and my eyes contemplated an unimaginable scene: my body being transported from a trolley to a bed by three nurses ', she recalled on the show Boomerang . An experience that marked her forever.

Nicoletta hated Cloclo

Nicoletta has never been a fan of Claude Francois . While he is at the height of his glory, she meets him one evening, and their conversation quickly degenerates. ' He tells me one thing very disagreeable . He calls me by my last name: 'Hi Grisoni.' I look at him and say, 'I don't allow you, you don't call me that. That's enough. Already, you, when I hear you on the radio, I turn the station, because I don't like your rattling voice '' she recalled.

The singer gets pissed off... and the current will never pass again. ' In addition, I was in the Hallyday clan at the time (...) He did not like the gang to Johnny and as I was part of it, I was not his cup of tea “, she added.

Ray Charles was a fan of her

If Claude François does not carry her in his heart, Nicoletta can boast of being admired by Ray Charles in person! One evening, while she is a young rising star in France, the interpreter of We have Blue goes to a concert of the King of Jazz in Canada, with his artistic director. All three find themselves having dinner together and sympathizing.

Shortly after, Ray Charles calls him to tell him that he wants to record a son tube reprise He Died The Sun , in English. He showers her with compliments, even telling her she's the only one.' white to be able to sing Gospel as well as a black 'Nicoletta can't believe her ears, such a giant of music is swooning over her voice!' We are remained friends for a very long time “, she added.

Her marriage to her ex

The singer first wife Patrick Chappuis , a Swiss jeweler. Together they give birth to a son in 1979, Alexandre . But the spouses divorce in 1987.

Jean-Christophe Molinier: Nicoletta's young companion and 'facelift' man

After this sentimental failure, the singer does not abandon her romantic soul. She meets the man of her life several years later. ' I was a cougar before anyone else! ', joked the great friend of Dick Rivers in an interview with RTL in January 2022.

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Today, Nicoletta is experiencing great love with the music producer Jean-Christophe Molinier , who is 15 years younger than her. ' I've lived with my boyfriend for 29 years, and... no need to lifting when you live with an intelligent, adorable boy, who is also an excellent cook “, she said about him, in the emission of Laurent Ruquier , On Est In Direct .

Nicoletta and the man of her life: their age difference

Despite the 15 years that separate them, Nicoletta and Jean-Christophe Molinier are happier than ever. ' I don't realize that we have 15 years difference “, confided the singer to the microphone of RTL . And to add about her man: ' He gives me a lot. I think you have to choose a companion who has a lot of resources. He has a doctorate in art history and we do a lot of museums. He gave me a lot of sensitivity in many things and I thank him '.

Nicoletta: why she hid her son

Nicoletta has also devoted much of her life to take care of his son , Alexandre. ' I became a mother at 35. My son was my first safeguard and he m'a accompli as femme . We divorced seven years (with Patrick Chappuis, editor's note) after and I raised my son like my grandmother raised me “, she confided to France Sunday .

The star does not expose her offspring publicly and wants to keep her identity a secret. ' Today it is post producer and thank me for spared him any media exposure “, she explained.

She is close to JoeyStarr

Nicoletta meets JoeyStarr during a tribute program to Ticky Holgado, during which she sings a duet with him, her hit We have Blue .

' It was a magical and unexpected encounter (...) He has an exceptional intelligence, because he has at the base the intelligence of the heart ', she remembered with Evelyne Thomas. An unexpected friendship that has never ceased since...