Nicole Croisille is 86 years old: Trauma, Surgery, 'True nature', Love...

Nicole Croisille celebrates her 86th birthday on October 9. The singer and actress, not about to hang up the microphone, went through the Paris Opera, Broadway, the Theater, the Cinema... The operation she underwent, her recent trauma, her love situation, her ' true nature': secrets of a gifted artist.

  Nicole Croisille is 86 years old: Trauma, Surgery,"Vraie nature", Amour...

She is one of the great voices of French song with hits like A woman with you , phone me and Tell me about him an outstanding dancer, and it is to her that we owe the famous 'Chabadabada'. Nicole Croisille celebrates her 86th birthday this October 9, 2022. His debut at the Paris Opera, his appearances on Broadway, his operations surgery, aggression that she recently experienced, the men in her life: everything you (perhaps) didn't know about the artist who hasn't finished surprising us...

Dancer, but not...

Nicole Croisille was born in 1936 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. She is the daughter of a father director of a tourist agency and one pianist mother . From childhood, the little girl has her heart dance . Endowed with the true soul of an artist, she puts on her slippers and becomes dancer at the Paris Opera from the age of eight. But her father refuses to allow her to enter the little rats competition. So she abandons her dream of shine on stage and resumes a more normal life, taking typing lessons. But her hopes are not completely extinguished, since Nicole Croisille follows the classes of the French comedy (just that) and integrates the ballet.

Nicole Croisille was a mime and sang on Broadway

Definitely endowed with many talents, the artist took classes with Marcel Marceau and became mime . As early as the 1960s, this Jazz enthusiast sang in English in American clubs. Then, in France, she danced for the review of Josephine Baker , please! Then she returned to New York and performed on the prestigious stage of Broadway .

Nicole Croisille is at the origin of 'Chabadabada, Chabadabada...'

Nicole Croisille was the inner voice of Annouck Aimée, in A Man, Woman . It was she who performed the iconic song from the film by Claude Lelouch . ' We were in the studio, preparing the music (...) Pierre Barouh had not yet written the text (...) As we were both very fond of Brazilian music, we made onomatopoeia ', Told Nicole Croisille on TV5Monde . Hearing the famous ' tails ' (and not 'chabadabada', specifies the actress), Claude Lelouch then demanded that these onomatopoeia remain the words of the music.

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Nicole Croisille had surgery for voice problems

Equipped with a powerful voice and often compared to Nicoletta, Nicole Croisille had vocal cord surgery in 1978, after a ' vocal overwork '. 'I had started to strain my vocal cords in New York in 1965 where I was singing in a show without a microphone. The microphone was in the ramp so we had to hit hard, while dancing at the same time. And there I began to create a polyp on the vocal cords. Ten years later it caught up with me just as success came (...) The polyp turned into nodules and one day I coughed up blood so I was worried.' she told  Pure In Charts . After her operation, Nicole Croisille had to undergo a rather complicated convalescence, during which she did not have the opportunity to give voice.

Nicole Croisille was the victim of a robbery at the door

In January 2019, Nicole Croisille experienced a rather traumatic experience . As she was leaving the Théâtre de la Renaissance in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, around 12:45 a.m., she took her car, put her bags on the passenger seat and got behind the wheel. But suddenly, a man opened the door of the vehicle and stole her purse , where his identity papers and bank cards were. Fortunately, the man was able to be quickly arrested , thanks to the singer who was able to make a precise description of it to the police.

Nicole Croisille is a hidden sloth

Nicole Croisille may well be a versatile artist to a prolific career, she discovered, during the first confinement, that she had a real tendency to laziness . ' I discovered that my true nature is to be lazy. If everyone feels like I'm a hyperactive , is to counter that. From my earliest years, I fight against my true nature . I was finally able to discover myself, I took the time “, she said at the microphone of Europe 1.

What is his love status?

very discreet about his private life , Nicole Croisille rarely confides in her romantic situation. She just indicated in Paris Match, in 2017: ' I had men in my life, but I prefer to be alone now . And having real friends I can rely on.'

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Nicole Croisille is still nervous

Despite these decades of practice, the singer and dancer is still overwhelmed by anguish before going on stage. ' I am impracticable a week before the concert. My anxieties are upstream. The closer the date approaches, the more I know that I have the capacity to do it. I'm just scared of a memory lapse due to lack of concentration at some point “, she confided to Pure In Charts .

Ready to bow out?

Nicole Croisille is not not ready to hang up the mic , despite his newly discovered laziness. ' I always train like a dancer , it helps to better support the weight of the years. I intend to continue singing as long as my health permits. When I feel it give way, I will stop singing, out of respect for myself and for the public. However, I will not leave the stage for as much. I hear well continue to remain active as an actress ', she said in Le Journal de Montreal in 2013. In 2020, Nicole Croisille played at the Théâtre de la Michodière alongside Michel Sardou in Don't listen, ladies! by Sacha Guitry.