New feminist drama in Iran, a young woman commits suicide after 12 days of torture in prison

Her name was Yalda Aghafazli, she was 19 years old. This young Iranian woman ended her life after being released from prison where she was tortured for 12 days. A look back at the journey of this young girl who in turn became the symbol of mobilization in Iran.

  New feminist drama in Iran, a young woman commits suicide after 12 days of torture in prison

As Iran is rocked by a wave of anti-regime protests, sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini , a 22-year-old woman who died after being arrested by Tehran vice police for allegedly breaking hijab rules, Iran's youth, including students and academics, are the vanguard of protests. Despite a bloody repression, many Iranian women continue to demonstrate, and among them, Yalda Aghafazli, a 19-year-old artist whose suicide has just been learned.

Who is Yalda Aghafazli, the new face of the Iranian revolt?

Having taken to the streets of Tehran to demonstrate, Yalda Aghafazli is arrested in turn on October 26 in Enghelab Square, in the Iranian capital, before being incarcerated in Evin prison for three days , then to be transferred to Qarchak women's prison on 29 October. Released 10 days later, she was not informed of the charges against her. A few days after her release, Yalda Aghafazli was found dead in her home. The Iranian police evoke an overdose which would have caused the death of the young woman of 19 years.

A suicide in rather murky circumstances

What happened that only five days after her release, the young woman decided to end her life? Yalda Aghafazli, who went on a hunger strike before being released from Qarchak detention center, left two voicemails which are now circulating on social media. The young woman, who speaks Farsi, says she has was beaten in jail for 12 days but that she didn't cry, she only screamed. She also explains that she does not regret having demonstrated and that she told the officers. In one recording, we hear her friend asking to broadcast her story...

' The Iranian authorities denounce 'riots' instrumentalized by foreign powers and violently repress the wave of protests, while the protest actions show no sign of appeasement despite this repression. According to a report established Wednesday by the NGO Iran Human Rights (IHR), based in Oslo, at least 342 protesters killed by law enforcement “ emphasizes RTS.