Natacha Amal is 54 years old: Husbands, Wives, Complex loves, Relationship with a star...

Natacha Amal celebrates her 54th birthday on September 4. If the former headliner of the series 'Women of Law' has been more discreet in recent years, her life has not been less eventful. The actress almost married a woman, was divorced twice, and had an affair with an international star... Secrets and Regrets.

  Natacha Amal is 54 years old: Husbands, Wives, Complex loves, Relationship with a star...

Natacha Amal celebrates her 54th birthday September 4. After triumphing for 9 seasons in the series Women of Law , alongside Ingrid Chauvin , the actress mounted her own one-woman show, cleverly titled Even p'Amal , in 2019. On the heart side, the actress takes advantage of her celibacy , but do not lose hope of one day finding love with a capital 'A'. ' I did not choose the men of my life well because I look too much at those who shine. The good guys are often the less conspicuous ones “, she confided to Non Stop People . Did you know that Natacha Amal nearly married a woman, had an affair with an international star, and was naked when her first husband met her? Discover the actress secrets who has lived a thousand adventures...

The latest information on Natacha Amal

A rebellious teenager

Natacha Amal was born in Brussels on September 4, 1968 to a moroccan father , gynecologist, and a russian mother , teacher. As a teenager, she was pushed by her parents to study at university... But the dusty benches of the University hardly interested the young girl, who decided to enroll in the National Conservatory of Brussels , much to the chagrin of his family. In 1988, she even won the first prize for interpretation. What confirms his infatuation with comedy…
After getting noticed in the 90s by playing supporting roles for the series Navarrese or Julie Lescaut , she made herself known to the general public and shared the poster of Women of Law , with Ingrid Chauvin , from 2000 to 2009.

She was naked when her first husband met her

Claude Rappé and Natacha Amal

In 1997, Natasha Amal spouse Belgian director and writer Claude Rappe , who had fallen under her spell while she was performing the play Friday and Pacific limbo , by Michel Tournier. ' She played naked, painted on body all the same' , he recalled in Everybody talks about it .
After ten years of marriage, they divorced in 2010.” I blame myself for staying so long under the influence and i don't want to hear about my ex-husband anymore “, confided the actress in Paris here .

A failed second marriage

A few years after this difficult divorce , Natacha Amal finds love again in the arms of actor and producer Jacques Stival . She married him in Brittany in 2015. But his second marriage also ends , four years later.
Now, the actress is single and has ' desire for freedom ', as she proclaims in France Sunday .

His adventure with Love Symbol

Before being revealed on the small screen, Natacha Amal had caught the eye of a star internationale …and not just any! As she attends a concert of prince being a young adult, a member of the singer's team spots his charm and installs him in the front row.
Among the interpreter of Purple Rain and the young student, the looks were exchanged, then the current quickly passed. ' We had an adventure I was his type “, she assured Non Stop People . At the time, far from boasting about it, she put their idyll under wraps. ' My mother is a professor of literature and my father is a doctor, I was thinking more of diplomas than of tabloid covers “, she explained.

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Why she didn't speak to her father anymore

Pour Natacha Amal, family relationships have not been a long calm river. In her debut on the small screen, the actress of Women of Law its ' estranged from her parents for her career ', to great despair of his father , who resented him for a long time, according to the confidences of the actress to Paris here . An attitude that she regrets today: ' I thought of myself. I was young, I wanted to succeed (...) It's important to be there for your parents. I didn't say it enough, I didn't do it enough' .
It's shortly before sa mort that the actress has reconnected with the first man in her life. ' The goodbye was very human and heartwarming about the past “, she explained.

She almost married a woman

Natacha Amal revealed that she had already lived two love stories with women , one of which she has almost married . ' My girlfriend introduced me to her parents for this purpose. “, she clarified to Gala .

And to detail: ' I don't define myself as bisexual. Each time, it was about strong friendships that led to carnal experiences . As if I couldn't do anything halfway. But I don't consider myself a lesbian. '.

Why she didn't have children

Natacha Amal keeps a deep regret, that of never having known The joys of motherhood . The opportunity just didn't come at the right time.

' It didn't happen. But given some mistakes along the way that I made, I tell myself that it's not so bad... I would have loved to have a child. The time I could have had I was too young and I did not assume . I happened to see the man with whom it could have happened again and I felt a mutual regret. It should have happened, but we were too young, we were scared “, she told Non Stop People .