Nantes: At 38, his penis was removed by mistake, the hospital sentenced to...

A 38-year-old man and father of three had his penis removed following a medical error, reports RTL. In compensation, he claimed nearly a million euros. The administrative court has made a decision. What's the verdict?

  Nantes: At 38, his penis was removed by mistake, l'hôpital condamné à...

Xavier should not to have only part of the glans removed , It is came out of the block... without sound penis . A 38-year-old man from the Nantes region was seeking compensation after what he deemed to be a medical error. The patient, with a skin cancer at the level of the penis, wanted compensation in the amount of one million euros . The Nantes University Hospital, in Loire-Atlantique, was ordered to pay more than 61,000 euros to the patient for ' culpable breaches 'which engage the responsibility of the hospital establishment and have led to a' total ablation of the verge ', indicates the administrative court. A sum which covers ' the suffering endured ' (12,000 euros), ' permanent functional deficit ' (16,000 euros) as well as the ' sexual harm '(31,500 euros).

“He played Russian roulette with me”

The patient, on the other hand, resents the doctor who does not have it ' not listened “, he assured the microphone of France Blue Loire Ocean . ' He played Russian roulette with me “, he explained. From now on, the thirty-year-old patient does not “ feel nothing '. And to detail: ' Afterwards, we manage... But you can't replace a penis feeling with multiple sensors (...) Talk about that to a man, for him it's unthinkable '.*

As for the patient's lawyer, Me Parastatis, he announced that his client was going appeal in order to ' highlight the uniqueness of this case, which French administrative case law has difficulty understanding '. He laments that ' psychological harm 'don't have' not taken into account “. But what happened in this improbable affair? We take stock.

A first useless operation: the cancer detected in the patient

In 2014, doctors had Diagnosed father of three with penile skin cancer . It was therefore a question of operating on this patient for him remove a tumor from the glans . The ablation should therefore only be partial. The man therefore goes over the billiard table for the first time so that the surgeon can remove what was planned. Except that cancer 'took over' , he says to RTL . 'It was an indescribable pain' , he recalls. 'I was making codeine cocktails to calm myself down. After a while it drives me crazy. I even wanted to cut it myself, with a cutter. I had everything I needed. I had betadine. I had everything.'

'At the level of sensitivity, it's zero': disappointed, he sues

After a medical expertise, it turned out that the surgeon had not removed, during the operation, all the cancer cells . ' An expert has identified a medical error ', underlines RTL. Hence the comeback of the disease. Given its progression, another doctor that Xavier consulted was forced to completely amputate his penis , reports the radio station.

The patient now only has his testicles. 'At the level of sensitivity, it's zero. It was out of the question for me to touch my wife. Today, we manage to do a few things, but hey, it's very limited. My integrity was affected and the will be forever', he regrets. In compensation for this medical damage, Xavier's lawyer is claiming before the administrative court of Nantes nearly one million euros. The court decision is expected later this week.